Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Contract

I signed a contract with Silver Publishing this week for a short story to be released over July Fourth. Eternal Flame. I'm excited. A different publisher for me. I hope it all works out well. I'll post all the info as soon as I have it.

Now, on the personal front, what a BAD week. My hubbies Engine Dyno computer took a dumper this week. The hard drive frying like a piece of bacon. Here's the problem. The computer we were using was an old IBM from, oh, I don't know the early eighties. This program that runs the Dyno works only on, wait for it, it's a blast from the past, MS-DOS. How many computers do you think you can buy today with DOS on it? Exactly none.

Okay, so I pull out an old computer we had stored in the basement that has Windows 98 on it and low and behold, they still used some DOS in the old Windows. So, after much research I figured out how to get into the DOS. Whoopy!!!! Now, I try to load the program and, NOTHING! Turns out our program shriveled up in a fire we had a year ago in the DYNO room.

Next step, call the company and request a replacement, floppy disk. That's right, I said it, a FLOPPY disk. Easy right? NO! This company is run by one man. ONE individual and that man is a genius that for some strange reason believes DOS is the only operating system in the world. That Windows won't be around for long. I don't know. Anyway, this genius apparently was having a bad day and says, No, he won't send a replacement disk. Ughhhhhhh! By the next day, he has a change of heart and decides he'll send us a replacement disk. It arrives, I sit down and YES, I get it loaded. This will work for a while but it won't hold up for long. Engine Dyno's cause a lot of vibration and a regular home PC won't last. Now we have to find someone to build us a computer that will withstand the punishment and has DOS on it. Think we'll find one? Stay tuned....

On the racing front, the son did very well racing Friday night. He finally cracked the top 10 and on a very bad track with huge wholes in it. Very exciting.

Okay, that's all for now.

Have a great week everyone....

Happy Reading......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome June

Another month passes and in a day and half, the kids are home for the summer. Not sure if that's a good thing or not yet. My writing time will be cut severely. Guess I'll have to send them all out of the house for a few hours a day. I could always grease them up and send them to the pool for about two hours. Not only good exercise but it'll wear them down.

Currently I'm working on a short story for the 4th of July to submit in a few weeks. I need to get it done and out asap. Everyone in the house will have to deal with it. My hubby will give me the time I need, he's great that way. I'm very lucky.

On the racing front, the kid did super well. Each week he gets faster and learns a little bit more. Two laps away from finishing the race, another driver spun him out. Now, there seems to be some question if it was intentional or not. Me, I say let it go the first time. Second time, well, things might get ugly. That's the beauty of racing. Tempers, tempers. Mom or dad might have to climb in the car and take care of the problem if it happens again. I say, strap me in and get out of my way. Mess with my kid, mess with me. Racin's racin' until you're constantly being hit by the same driver and then its a problem that needs dealt with. Okay, I'm done venting about that.

So, if my short story gets accepted, I'll let you know. Fingers crossed for me please.

Have a great rest of the week and......

Happy Reading.......

Monday, May 31, 2010

Honor those who passed, thank those who still serve

Just a few thoughts about today, Memorial Day. Every day people, your neighbors, family, the farmer's son, the bankers daughter, the bus drivers nephew and the teachers niece, they've all felt the call to serve and protect our country. What calls them? What is it that compels these everyday people to put on a uniform, endure the hell and sometimes derogation of boot camp in some of the worst conditions imaginable? Yes, at one point most had no choice, drafted before they could make the simplest of decisions concerning their lives, while others gladly marched off to war without having to be summoned.

I think of these things often. I wonder what makes a man or woman choose military life over cooperate life. Is there a microscopic speck in our DNA that leads our soldiers on this journey as opposed to wrapping themselves up in a suit and tie and living the so called American dream?

I don't know the answer to this. What I do know is I'm eternally grateful for their service, dedication and sacrifice. Without the many who lay down their lives, we would not have the things we take for granted today. When I think about the disgraceful way our soldiers were treated when they returned from Nam, it sickens me, but when I see the names of the lost so beautifully inscribed on a polished black wall I know we've learned our lesson. Lessons we wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn without our brave soldiers.

So, today, I say a prayer for those who lost their lives defending the very freedoms people even today try to take away and say thank you to those still fighting, still sacrificing and still dying for our safety.

It doesn't matter if you believe in the cause. It doesn't matter what your political beliefs are. It all comes down to our country would not be our country without those who passed and those who still serve.

Thank you serving and retired soldiers. Thank you to their families who live their lives worrying and scraping together the fragments of time they share. Thank you for giving my children safety and security while you watch your children grow up through pictures.

Just one American citizen forever grateful.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cyber Launch Party

I'm having a Cyber Launch Party at hosted by Author Island today. Stop on over and leave a comment to win a free autographed copy of Black Smoke. Ask questions if you'd like, I'll be checking in off and on to answer any questions you may have.

It's been a few weeks since my last post and I apologize for that. Life is taking over in a big way this month. School is coming to an end and everything happens in May. Concerts, field trips and now orthodontist appointments. Two in one week. Oyyy! Adding to all the hubbub, I have a rather nasty cold or something settling in my throat and chest making breathing very difficult and sleeping necessary but almost impossible. Hate these late season bugs.

I'm trying to work on my WIP and finish it up before the kids are home full time and begin demanding every second of my attention. Will I finish? Stay tuned....

That's about all the energy I have for blogging today...blogging...that word sounds like me coughing right now, ick. Stop by the Cyber Launch Party, please. You could win a free copy of Black Smoke.

Have a good one everybody and stay healthy.

Happy reading.......

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Another month passes

My virtual book tour for Black Smoke officially ended April 30th. My gratitude to Pump Up your Book for the time and connections she gave me. A truly worthy organization, worth your money if you're looking for help promoting your book. I received outstanding reviews and dipped my foot in the world of guest blogging. Guest blogging turned out to be fun. At first, I thought I wouldn't be very good at it, but with each one, I had more fun.

So, now we're into May and I can't wait to find out if my sales numbers jumped for April. I thank everyone that read by guest blogs, interviews and reviews.

I'm nearly finished with my current WIP, which is great. Down side, I have no where to submit it at the moment. My regular publisher has put a hold on accepting submissions and no one seems to know when they'll lift the hold. I could try and submit this book to another publisher but since it links back to Black Smoke and the Agents of Mercy series, I think I better wait.

I'll hold it for awhile and see what happens. In the mean time I'll begin work on another story to submit elsewhere. I've been wanting to get in with another publisher so I'll give it a shot. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

On the racing front, April 30 was race night at the Clinton County Speedway and my son's third race of the season. It turned out to be a good night. He hit someone after the first lap of his heat race, (the race that determines where you start in the main race) That incident broke the nose of his car.

Now, we're a low budget racing family so we had to use what we had to put it back together, which turned out to be ratchet straps, duct tape and zip ties. It wasn't pretty, down right ugly, but it worked and he made it out for the main race, which he finished!!!!!!! YaY!!!!! He said, "That's a win for me!"

We're very proud of him. He finished 15 out of 18 but he FINISHED and with the troubled we've had with the set up of the car, we'll take it. He still has a lot to learn about driving, how to set the car through the turns and how not to bounce off other cars when he does it, but that will come with lap time. The more he gets his butt in the seat behind the wheel, the better he'll get. Currently, he's 13th in points at the track in the ProStock division. If he continues to finish most races and works his way up in the field, he could finish in the top 10 for the season. Time will tell.

On a side note, I'm meeting an old school friend tomorrow, someone I haven't seen in twenty????? years. I can't wait. Not only has facebook hooked me up with other authors and readers, I've been able to find and catch up with old friends. Its great.

Have a great one, day, night, afternoon, week, month whatever..just make it good.

Happy reading.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pump Up Your Book Review for Black Smoke

As I'm nearing the end of my virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book, the reviews are rolling in. So far the score is 3 for 3. The latest review came from Pump Up Your Book.
This turned out to be a very in depth review and as I read through it a sense of accomplishment surged throughout my body. Now, I love when people like what I wrote and they were entertained and say they couldn't put the book down and they want more. Really, is there anything better? This reviewer, however, got it. Every nuance, every attempt I made to create real, everyday people in a not so everyday world. I actually sighed when I finished. It was like this person was in my head as I wrote the story. Let me tell you, after a fairly crappy morning, this made my day.

I wrote Black Smoke about 3 years ago having no idea what I was doing only wanting to create a tale that I thought would be entertaining. When Cerridwen Press accepted it, I was overjoyed beyond belief. At the same time, I was terrified of how it would be recieved. I'm a worrier by nature, constantly fretting about things I have no control over and it drives my husband nuts. After 21 years, I think he's gotten used to it, that or just ignores me, yeah, thats probably it. Who am I kidding.

When I found the first review for Black Smoke, I couldn't read it. All the what if's in the world crowded my head and made my hands shake. My husband looks at me with confusion and says, "Obviously its good or it wouldn't have been published."

Okay, so that makes me take a step back and think, for a moment. And then the worrying starts again. Well, I broke down and read the review and found out it had been chosen for a reviewers choice award. WOW!
Jump ahead 3 years later and I'm still recieving great reviews for the book. Now, I probably will never be a Nora Roberts, J R Ward or Lora Leigh but I'm completely happy with the fact that I wrote a story that people genuenily seem to love. Right out of the gate I hit a winner.

Worrying mode returns. Can I keep it up? That's what we'll all have to wait and see on. In the mean time, I thank everyone that's read Black Smoke and have let me know they love it. Those encouraging words are what push me to continue writing.

Have an awesome day everyone and as always......

Happy reading!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday nights exhausting fun?!

Wow, ya know in my last post I said I was trying not to let my nerves get to me Friday while I waited to haul my son to the race track and set him lose in his first race of the season, well, IT DIDN'T WORK!!!

I was fine all afternoon, made sure everything was packed in the truck and ready so when the kids got off the school bus, we were ready to go. Then we got in the truck and began the hour drive to the track. Within 15 min. my stomach started a break dance routine that had me doubled over. Eating was out of the question, not just for me but for hubby and the son as well. The other two were quit content to torment and tease and loudly complain that they were hungry. After several attempts to tell them I would feed them when we got there, they calmed a bit, not much but they at least stopped complaining about being hungry.

We get there, pull in, get out of the truck and wham, we're hit with the lovely fresh smell of the surrounding farm fields that have been freshly fertilized with manure. BLAH!!!! Now, I'm a farm girl, I know what manure smells like and it doesn't usually take me long to get used to it. Friday night, however, was different. My nerves were snapping and popping, my stomach was rolling and pinching and this wonderful fresh country air only served to make me nauseous.

I powered on. We unloaded the car, got every thing ready and then I fed my two forever starving children. Ugh, watching them eat was not fun.

After my son goes out and does his warm ups,(laps to just get the car heated and the driver in the zone) I settle a little. We were blessed by the arrival of some good friends which served to further calm my nerves.

Next up, the kid goes out for his heat race. (short race to determine where he starts in the main race) Well, I can now say I think I know what the dust bowl was like. The track sucked. By the second lap thick dust filled the air and obstructed our vision horribly. So now I'm freaking out worrying my kid isn't going to be able to see and he'll drive into someone or someone will drive into him. As the evening lugs on, it gets worse. By the time my kid goes out for his main race, I wanted to throw up, bad!

Two laps into the race we couldn't see where he was or what he was doing. The dust was so damn thick you saw nothing and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing but thick red dust.

With only a few laps to go, son pulls off the track. Apparently we don't have the car dialed in yet and he was struggling to keep the car on the track. Now I can finally breathe, if the freaking dust would let up enough to let me.

Let me tell you, by the time we got home I felt like I'd run a marathon, been up for five days straight and had been worked over by a sumo wrestler and hadn't bathed in a year. My age is showing and that just pisses me off.

Anyway, we survived the night with the car intact, the kid frustrated and mother wondering if she'll live through this summer. My poor husband will be so gray by the end of this season I won't even recognize him.

Here's the stats. Son started 18th and finished 13th. Not a bad night with a car that didn't want to cooperate and a track that you should be planting potatoes in instead of driving on.

Did I have fun? Bet your ass I did. There's nothing like dirt trackin'.

Dirts for racin' asphalts for gettin' there.

So, now I can concentrate on the WIP until next Friday and hope all my other reviews for Black Smoke show up this week. Until then......

Happy reading......

Friday, April 23, 2010

Guest blogging today at The Story Behind the Book

Today I guest blogged at The Story Behind the Book. As the title suggests, I wrote about how Black Smoke came into existence. Now, I've never done guest blogging before so this was my first experience and you know how first times go with anything. I'm nervous about how people will accept it or if anyone will read it. I guess more waiting is in order.

If you're following my schedule at Pump Up Your Books for my tour, yesterday was posted to have a review at Crazy Book Slut. I'm guessing due to some personal reasons it isn't there. So, it's not you, or me, it wasn't posted.

On a good note, I accomplished A LOT of writing yesterday on my WIP. If I can do as much today, I'm nearing the completion of the story. Unfortunately, I'm struggling for a title. That will come in time I'm sure. Right now I'd just like to finish, edit and send it off to my editor.

Personally, today is Friday. Friday means racing tonight for my 15 year old son. So far the nerves aren't bothering me. Check in around 5:00 and that may be a different story. He's excited so I'm doing my best not to show him how nervous I can be. I now understand what my mother went through when I crawled behind the wheel of my race car. Although, to be fair, I don't think I can be as nervous as she was. I at least understand what's happening and how safe the car is. Still, that's my boy out there and God help anyone that intentionally goes out of their way to take him out.
Deep breath.....calm.....everything will be okay......(see I can get pumped up just thinking about it) Maybe I miss it a little too much.

Since I have some quiet time, I'm going to hit the WIP and hit it hard. I'd like to have this story wrapped up by the end of next week so I can start outlining the next series I have in mind.

Happy reading everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second birthday of the month for my second son!!!

Personal business first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son Ethan! The big 12. How did time get so ahead of me?

Nothing to report on the virtual book tour front today. No reviews and no interviews up. Another interview hits the cyber world tomorrow and another review on Thursday.

Good news, I read over the 19 chapters I have written on my WIP today. Thought I might have to do some changes but after reading so far, I'm not touching it. My gut says leave it alone and finish it, so that's what I'm gonna do. I really want to finish this up. My characters are sick of being on hold and I'm sick of keeping them on hold. It's time to give them their ending. So, I might be putting in some late nights again.

I'd really like to have someone read this over before I turn it in to my editor. I want to see if the sad parts can make someone cry. (I'm so freaking twisted) And, I want to see if there's enough action to keep a readers interest. Guess I'll have to wait and find out.

With that being said, I'm going to hit the WIP and see how far I can get tonight.

Happy reading..........

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chrissy's World of Books Review. Awesome woman!!

Okay people! Another great review for Black Smoke from Chrissy's World of Books. Again, I wake this morning, try to busy myself waiting for the review to be posted. I got my kids off to school, my hubby off to work and took care of some household chores and then sat down and pulled up the review.

I link into the site, stare at the cover of my book and try to pump myself up to take a look at the review. I had a good review Friday so naturally I expect the cosmos to smack me down. Just the way my life works most of the time.

Carefully I scroll down and begin reading the first line of the review. Sweet, lovely relief flows through my body as I read how she couldn't put the book down. For the entire review, go to

Yay!!! I got through another one.

I love this woman. I have great respect for any woman that is a mother of 5, that's right, 5 kids and still finds the time to do what she wants and loves to to. Being a mother of 3, I sometimes struggle to keep life in line. For instance, my oldest had a birthday on the first of the month. Tomorrow my second son turns 12. In two weeks my mother has a birthday and 6 days after my husband has a birthday. RESPECT I tell you. Keeping track of 5 children, well, you go Chrissy!

On a side note, my oldest didn't get to race Friday night, (rained out) He handled it fine, probably because he had three friends coming over Saturday to spend the night. Four 15 year olds. What was I thinking? Can we say HYPER? I'm not sure any of them slept all night which kept my other two up most of the night and the dog unnerved. Ugh!!!!

Okay, I need to go now. I still have to prepare the decorations for my son's room. See, I do this thing where I decorate their room the night before their birthday while they sleep so when they wake up they have balloons and streamers hanging around. This time, since my son is so into Lego's, I'm hanging up cut outs of Lego's on his wall. I still have to cut them out, blow up balloons and tie streamers. It'll be a late night.

Take care everyone and as always,

Happy reading...........

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Cajun Book Lady Rocks!!!!

I'll admit, I'm not an avid blog follower. I pop in and out of blogs to see what's going on but don't faithfully read many. Well, I found one I'm going to follow. The Cajun Book Lady does reviews of all kinds of books and today she reviewed Black Smoke.

I knew it was coming and have spent the last couple of days sweating and worrying about it. All the other reviews of Black Smoke came from romance review sites. The Cajun Book Lady reviews everything.

I get up this morning turn on my computer and begin the pacing and what if routine. Dumb, yes. Pointless, yes, but there you go, that's me. After the kids left for school at 7:30, I pull up the site and of course, she hasn't got it posted yet. I mean, what the heck was I thinking? It's 7:30 in the morning. The woman's a mother as well and has a life. Just because I'm freaking out over this doesn't mean she is. So after smacking myself in the head for being silly, I go run some errands and return about five hours later, pull up the site and quickly look away from the screen.

Agonizing moments pass as I work up the courage to read. I look at the screen and the first word I see is WOWZA! Okaaaay. Is that good or bad. Damn, now I have to read more to find out. As I read through the review tears well in my eyes and an unseen weight lifts from my shoulders. She likes it!!!!!

I won't repost her review because I don't know if I can, but I'll give you the addy to her site so you can read it. AWESOME REVIEW!!!!

Cajun Book Lady, you rule!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Management....Say What?

Let's see, it's been a few days since I last posted. It's not that I didn't want to, I just wasn't able to squeeze in a few extra moments for a post. By the time I sat down at night, my eyes fought me for control, my eyes won by slamming closed. By the third night, I stopped fighting. Sweet, blissful sleep suddenly became more important than anything last week.

The family business is chugging along nicely but it's eating up precious writing hours. I can live with that since the business is what pays the bills, but if I go too long without writing, those pesky voices in my head become loud, demanding and even argue with each other. At that point, I'm no good to anyone, not even myself. I try to tell them I'll be back to tell their story, but, my precious voices simply won't accept that. They're like spoiled children demanding attention stomping around in my brain and sneaking their way into awkward moments when I should be focused on something else.

On a good note, my kid had a night of practice at the racetrack. Glad we went to practice since the car couldn't seem to make it around the track without spinning out on every corner. Hubby and son, along with other drivers, figured out the problem and it looks like the car will be worth driving this Friday night. I know I said I'd be posting pics, I have pics, I just haven't gotten around to putting them on the computer yet. They'll be coming.

The virtual book tour is in full swing with interviews up all over the place. I have a review coming out this Friday for Black Smoke. If it's good, I'll post where it can be read. If it makes me cry, you'll never know it and you'll have to go hunting the review for yourself. My ego and emotions are overly sensitive lately so I'm not gonna subject myself to any painful torture. *grin*

Okay, that's all I got tonight. My eyes are snarling at me because I'm making them stay open longer than they want to. Think I'll let them win yet again tonight. Hopefully, things will slow down a bit by next week and I can get back to writing on the WIP.

Have a good one everyone......

Happy reading.........

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Third Day of Virtual Tour

Sooo, my guest blog didn't show up on Literily Speaking today. Don't know what happened but, oh well. You can still stop by Night Owl Romance and read that blog AND, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you could win a copy of Black Smoke. I'm getting great comments from readers and I try to respond to them. If you've left a comment at Night Owl and I haven't reponded, please accept my apology. I can't get into the blog as often as I like.

I was supposed to have an interview up at but I just checked and it's there now. Apparently it went up today instead of my guest blog. Okay, maybe I'm not reading my schedual right. I'll have to recheck that.

So, stop by and check out the interview. Please and Thank you!

Have a good evening everyone and as always....

Happy reading.......

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Virtual Tour Information and a chance to win a book

Okay, so yesterday started my Virtual Tour for Black Smoke. Today I guest blog at Night Owl Romance My topic, inside Black Smoke. If you stop by and leave a comment you could win a free copy of Black Smoke. Please stop by and leave a comment.(she says batting her eyelashes with her lower lip sticking out)

Tomorrow I guest blog at Literarily Speaking. Each blog covers a different topic so check them all out.

Can I just say my nerves are crackling over this tour. I had no idea I would be so nervous. It's hard for me to put myself out there like this. It helps that this is our busy season with our business so, I'm helping my husband as much as I can in our machine shop. It takes my mind off the nerves. Still, I want my tour to be sucessful and sell hundreds of books but at the same time I hate being so open. I'm sure over time I'll become more comfortable.

Please keep checking to see my tour information.

Happy reading......

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Oodles of things happening

A very busy week. Kids are home for Easter vacation, my oldest celebrated his 15th birthday Thursday and on Friday I received a letter in the mail saying he's been nominated for the People to People Leadership Summit in 2011. (giddy with pride over this one). Racing starts next weekend for him so we're working our butts off to get his car ready. I'll post pictures before he crinkles it up. Of course Easter is tomorrow and I waited till the last minute to gather the basket stuffer's, but, I got it done. Now all I have to do is wait for them to go to bed tonight so I can fill the baskets. Hope they go to bed early. (right)

Monday starts my virtual book tour. I'm excited but becoming increasingly nervous. I have several reviews waiting to be posted on blogs and that makes my stomach quivery. I received some very nice reviews on Black Smoke in the past, but this is different. I'm not sure the reviewers reading Black Smoke this time are all that into romance. We'll see what happens. I'll post every day when my guest blogs are up.

It's a lovely day out today so I'm going to go out and enjoy it.

Have a great holiday everyone, but as you gorge on candy remember what Easter is all about.

Happy reading......

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.....

For some odd reason I was thinking about this statement this weekend. I had a micro-mini vaction over the weekend and was able to listen to what I percieve as the most relaxing and energy giving sound nature can provide. We went to Niagara Falls to celebrate our 21st anniversary. Niagara is my most favorite spot. I love the falls! I could sit for hours just listening to the roar of the water, feeling the light spray of water tickle my face. I become energized, my mind works better, doors open in tiny little compartments that allow my creative juices to flow. Frankly, to me, there just isn't anything better, yet.

I've heard people say "What's the bid deal. It's just water falling off a cliff." Ya know what my first thought is? How sad for them. Is that all they see or feel? Next, I want to shake them, take them to the falls and make them stand at the horseshoe falls, tell them to close their eyes and just listen. Open up your mind.

See, when I sit there and listen with my eyes closed, I swear I can hear echoes of the past that these falls have witnessed. Native American Indians who lived side by side with natures gift to the world. The people who journeid to the falls to witness the original awesome power they possess, sitting with a picnic lunch and making a lazy, lovely day. The men who worked to save the falls when they began to crumble. The people who risked their lives to do the impossible and plunge over the falls in such unbelievably inadequate vessels simply so they could say they did it.

These wonderful falls have such amazing history, how could you not hear the whispers of those who came to witness them before us? I have to say in all honesty, the US side of the falls is much better than the Canadian side. The fact that we, as a nation, have made the falls into a National Park is a fact to be proud of. Don't get me wrong, I love Canada, but as you stand on the US side and look across, there really isn't anything welcoming about the falls. No nice park to wander through up the Niagara River. And, yes. They are continually working to make it better.

How someone can look at the magestic beauty of these falls and see only running water is beyond me. Have you ever heard the story of the little boy that was having a family day up the river on a boat? I don't remember the entire story but their boat capsized, the little boy floated down the river and over the falls. Luckily, the Maid of the Mist was running at that very moment. The Captian, and I wish I could remember this great man's name, took the boat as close to the falls as he could get and fished this little boy from the water. The best news, the boy lived. Can you imagine being beaten and battered floating down the river and then dropping off what must have seemed like the side of the earth.

If you don't beileive in miracles, maybe you should reconsider. No barrel to protect your body, nothing but the soaked clothes on your back to protect you. As a mother, this story makes my heart skip a beat and then sink. The helplessness of the family knowing their boy was headed for certain death and they could do nothing to stop it, it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Anyway, my point is, open your mind, think of the stories these falls have been a part of, some good, some tragic. Listen for the whispers and echoes of those people laughing with joy, screaming with fear and the simple gasps of wonder from people viewing this natural beauty for the first time. Allow the power of the falls to fill your being, energize you. Enjoy the spray of water on your face and maybe, just maybe think of this as a kiss from mother nature.

Water falling over a cliff? I don't think so, but then that's just me. Next time you see something or someone you want to dismiss as ordinary, simple or even ugly, take a moment and look again. Sometimes when you know more about people or things, their beauty shines through.

Have a good evening everyone and....

Happy Reading...........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So Excited!

Some of my interviews hit the world wide web today. April 5 starts my month long book tour. I've been working on some guest blogs. Ugh! I've never guest blogged before so this is a whole new world to me. I'm having fun though. I guess the key is to just let yourself go and get into them.

I haven't touched the WIP all week and its really bugging me. When I let too much time pass I start questioning what I'm writing. Like now. I'm already thinking have taken the right path with this story? Is it too long? That one might a legit question. I'm already 200 hundred pages in and I haven't gotten to the best parts yet. Maybe I'll try to trim it up a bit and rewrite some scenes.

This weekend the hubby and I are finally going to celebrate our anniversary. Only a few weeks late but hey, I'll take it. This is the last weekend we'll have free until, OH GOD, the fall. Two birthdays in April, racing season starts in April which means Friday nights are GONE! Saturdays and Sundays are used to repair the damage customers inflicted on their engines. It's our life.

Okay, not much else to say tonight. Gonna cruise the web to see if my interviews show up anywhere else.

Happy Reading...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Should an author push their political views?

This question has been eating away at me for the last few days. Facebook is a wonderful tool for networking and letting your readers know whats going on with you and your publisher. But, seriously, should you push your political views on your readers? Especially if a majority of your readers are the one's you're slamming? Personally, I wouldn't do this. I like my readers. I appreciate my readers and the last thing I want to do is insult them. With all the books out there in the world readers could be purchasing, if they choose mine I will thank them, bow at their feet.
I don't know, maybe if you're a big enough author bringing in loads of money you can get away with it. Example: If you can't afford a basic health care that's your problem. I don't care if you get sick and die. In the mean time I have a new book coming out so please buy it so I can continue to live high on the hog and afford my own health insurance. Does this make sense? I for one, will no longer by buying books from certain authors, certain best selling authors.

I've held my tongue on facebook because the last thing I want to do is get into a bitching war with anyone. I simply can't understand what's happened to this country. When and how did we become a nation of self centered stuck up snobs? Here I am trying to raise my children to treat everyone equally no matter race, creed or financial situation. Am I that far out of the loop that I'm teaching antiquated ideas?

I saw on the new yesterday that a local high school held a fund raiser to help defray the medical costs of a child suffering from brain cancer. I actually pulled up my facebook page and typed. "Just saw a local high school conducting a fund raiser to help raise money for child suffering from brain cancer. Imagine the gull of these people helping a family in need. Who do they think they are? Don't they know we as Americans don't care if you can't afford care for your loved one?" I let it sit there on my page a few minutes and then deleted it.

I have to say it felt good to write it, and it would have felt a hell of lot better to send it, but that's not what I want. I can't allow myself to stoop to the levels these people stoop. It just breaks my heart and embarrasses me to have other countries hear the things that are being said about our people. No wonder we continue to lose respect in the world. If the United States doesn't care about its own people, how are they supposed to believe that we care about them?

This, I believe, will be the real downfall of our country. I wonder, do these people that hate so much treat wounded soldiers with such disrespect? Do they knock the elderly out of their way as they storm through their lives thinking only of themselves? Or maybe, just maybe, its all the result of people not taking the time to learn about what's going on for themselves and only listening to the real haters, the talking heads that make a living off being loud, obnoxious, and thrusting their hatred for others down peoples throats while they stuff their pockets with our money.

I don't have an answer for this. I can only sit back and continue to wonder where it all went wrong. When it became okay to preach assassination and brutality because not everyone believes the same way you do. Think about it. If you don't love the person I think you should love, it's okay if someone beats you to death. If you aren't the nationality that I believe you should be then its okay to kill you. If you don't make enough money to buy yourself health care than hurry up and die so I don't have to be bothered with you. God, it makes me physically ill.

So, no I won't be using my hard earned money to purchase books written by people who think so little of their fellow man. I will, however, use that money to donate to fund raisers that help people get the care they need. See, I'm just one of those stupid dopes that will give someone a few dollars in the grocery store line if they're short. I'm a person that firmly believes that if you help someone in need the good deed will come back around one day. And it has.

Well, now that I have that off my chest, on to my passion for writing fiction. I know, I think I'll write a story about a world where one human life is worth the same as another no matter what your age, status in life, income, or mental capacity. A world where no one is looked down on because they don't believe the same as another and is respected for having the capability of thinking for themselves. I do love fiction.

Have a good evening everyone. I wish you all good health, love and respect.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something I'd like everyone to check out

Just found out tonight my niece has a blog. Not surprising news, doesn't everyone have a blog? But, this one is different. See, my niece is 23, has been married for a year, is pregnant and has Cerebral Palsy. Her blog is about her journey through this pregnancy, her concerns, her trials and her hurdles. Anyone who's been pregnant can sympathize with the normal morning sickness, hormonal swings, etc. Now, add to that, that she isn't steady on her feet, doesn't walk well and is a tiny little thing. She weighs 94lbs and is 4'9" tall.

Really, I'm not just pushing this because she's my niece, I'm pushing this because it's interesting and humbling. I've had three children and not one of those pregnancies was FUN! Hers is going to be difficult but her attitude is remarkable. Anyway, check it out and keep your fingers crossed for her, her husband and their little "peanut".

stop by and offer her encouragement, please.

Okay, got some work done on my WIP today. A pivotal chapter in the book. Tomorrow I plan on going back over that chapter and making sure the emotion rolls off the screen with such ferocity that my readers will be sobbing. That's the idea anyway. I need to do some writers research to make sure I'm getting those emotions across the way I want, need, too. I so want my characters to reach out grab people around the throat, shake them and make them believe these people could be your friends or neighbors. So, that being said..........I'm off....

Happy Reading..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chaos has come to an end.....for now

Okay, after months of running from school to school, hundreds of rehearsals (Okay, it seemed like hundreds) it all came to an end this weekend.

My son's school play, Alice in Wonderland, was Friday night and I have to say, I was completely, totally, wonderfully impressed. Big talent from 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Their costumes and scenery were fantastic but the singing and acting, out of this world. My son played a card, the only boy in all the cards. It was his first shot at a school play and he really liked it so I'm hoping it gives it a shot next year.

My daughter's Odyssey of the Mind competition was Saturday. For those of you who don't know what Odyssey of the Mind is, the kids are put into groups, given a problem to solve through a skit. Another part of the competition is they are given a spontaneous question. They walk into a room with judges, are given a question and have two minutes to think and three minutes to fire off as many answers as they can. Ex. If you had a secret garden what would be in it and why would it be there.
Keep in mind, my daughters group is made up of 7 and 8 year olds.

Her group was given a "problem" of having a surprise party for something unusual they had to have an unusual noise maker, make up a song, create a party game, make their own props, costumes, everything had to be done by the girls, no assistance from parents, adults, older children, no one could do this but them. They had to set up their props put on their skit all under 8 minutes.

Out of 200 possible points, they rec'd 166.66 points. I still don't know how many points they rec'd for spontaneous, but from their score for their skit, if they were eligible for states, groups that young can't move on in competition, we would be preparing for state. So proud of the girls and their hard work.

Saturday was a long day for me and my husband, but we were so proud. Our group only had one coach so my husband and I helped keep and eye on the girls while other parents went to watch their other children's skits. Let me tell you, watching my husband deal with these 6 girls was hysterical. He was like a nervous hen. When we finally got home around 9 at night, he crashed hard. Poor guy, little girls kicked his butt. Still, I'm proud of him for going the extra mile.

So, maybe now I can get serious about my WIP. I'd really like to get it finished so I can do my edits. Wonder if I can finish it by the end of the week? Racing season starts in a couple of weeks and my oldest son is going to have our Friday nights used up. Well, Thursdays too because we need to have everything loaded and ready to go for when he gets home from school Friday afternoon.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm tired, my brain's used up for the day and losing an hour out of my day is going to create havoc for me in the morning. Kids won't want to get up and get moving for school.

Happy Reading..............

Friday, March 5, 2010

Virtual Book Tour

I'm getting ready to do a virtual book tour in Aril. So, today I filled out 3 interviews. Ugh, I hate those things. I make them harder than they have to be, I know it, but I can't help it. I freeze. I look at the question and just BLANK! I can write scenes with blood and gore, sex scenes, write an arguement between two people but I can't answer a question about myself or my writing. Stupid hunh? But there you have it. I just like to write, not about myself, about other people, fictional people. People I have control over. Does that mean I don't have control over myself? No. I just can't answer questions about myself.

Okay, I didn't get any writing done today on the WIP and that makes me feel all frazzled. Maybe later tonight I'll get some writing done and I'll feel better.

Next week, I'm not sure how much writing I'll get done. Next week is the week from hell. Every night of the week two of my three have practice after school for 1, school play, 2, oddessy of the mind. Friday night is the school play, Saturday is oddessy of the mind. The whole day. Away from home. Away from my laptop. Will I survive, tune in to find out. My nerves will be shot for both of them. I'll be nervous and proud and excited and will need a good stiff drink by the end of each day.
Oh, and my anniversery is next week. 21 years to the hubby. Where did the time go? We won't be doing anything to celebrate, but hey, that's okay. Busy time.
He told me he wanted to take me on a cruise for our 20th, but that never happened. I heard him tell one of his friends he just said that so I'd stick around for 20 years. He said he'd promise me a cruise for our 25th so I'd hang around for another five years. (Shaking my head) How stupid does he think I am?

Well, since I don't have anything to report on the WIP today, I'll sign off. Maybe I'll have something tomorrow.

Happy reading.......

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another great day.........

Another great day of writing. This story is coming together nicely. Fawn, Shane and Luke are cooperating so far. They haven't thrown a tantrum and sent me into a tail spin. I just hope it continues this way until the very end.

Read a book yesterday, In Deep, my mother bought me. I'll just say holly s*&t! It was like a train wreck. I just couldn't look away until the very end. If you like gory, twisted, and just plain out there stories with sex, this book is for you.

Okay, so what else to say. We're one day closer to spring and I can't wait. I'm tired of the gray skies, dirty snow and cold. Bring on the green grass, colorful flowers and fresh smell of cut grass. Where I live, I'm surrounded by mountains and I can't get enough of looking at them during the summer, trying to burn their wonderful, deep green leaves into my brain so come winter time I can remember it won't always be this drab.

I like having my house open during the summer and keeping it closed up all winter makes me feel clostrophobic, which I am. So I'm counting the days until I can open up the windows and let the fresh, warm air drift around me.

That's all for tonight kiddos. Enjoy you weak and...

Happy Reading....

Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the end is here....

After two weeks of watching the winter Olympics, I must say I'm olympiced out, but... they were great games. My favorite thing about the Olympics, the stories behind the athletes. If you aren't moved by some of the stories, well, maybe you aren't moved by much of anything. These amazing people show that will and hard work can accomplish anything. We could all take lessons from some of these people. Oh, and by the way, did anyone but me notice that some of the ages of these medal winners was over the age of twenty? YEAH! I think this was the best Olympics ever. Not sure what it holds in four years but let's hope Russia can pull it off.

Okay, today was a good day, even though the U.S. lost the hockey game. I spent about three hours alone today, no one home but me and I wrote. I knocked out a good chapter in the current WIP. It was a hard chapter to write and I'll go back over it to make sure my readers will feel every bit of emotion I intend. Fawn, my heroin, had a bad day, very bad and it isn't over yet. Things are coming to a head for her. The stress of military life and this unique relationship she's so desperately trying to convince herself doesn't exist is breaking her. The question is, will she make it through the next thirteen days of her tour sane, or will she break?
Tune in to find out more.......

Things are really rolling with this story, better than I expected. I do wish I had someone to look it over as I write, You know, just to make sure its making sense in written word as it makes sense in my head. Going back and reading it doesn't always work for me. I know what its supposed to say so I read it the way I know it should be even though it isn't. Does that make sense? Oh well, it does to me.

Okay, that does it for me for a while.

Fawn is calling to get her through the rest of her hellish day and I might have to do it or dream about it all night. Kid's don't like a grumpy, didn't get any sleep last night mom, on a school morning.

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Three chapters down today on the new WIP! ( Still don't have a title yet but have something in the back of my mind ) Up to chapter 11 and cruising. I have to set the timer on my oven so I don't forget to do things that need done. I get so caught up in my make believe world that time slips away and before I know it, every one's looking at me going "Where's dinner?" Yikes. That doesn't look good when you forget to feed you family.

Right now is a good time. The story is flowing, the characters are cooperating and the writing is coming easily. I love when it all comes together. I hope it continues to the end, but I'm a realist. Things will slow, as they always do and I'll have to take a break to gather some steam.

So, I have a virtual book tour coming up in April for my book Black Smoke and the local bookstore wants me to schedule a book signing. All this makes me VERY nervous. I'm not the kind of person that likes to push myself out in front of people, but, I suppose you have to if you want people to read your work. I'll post info when things are solid about dates and all.

Only five more days left in the All Romance eBooks 28 Days of Heart. Jump in, look around and check out my short story Country Loving. Your purchase benefits a great cause. If you like the story, please, drop me a line and let me know.It's nice to hear someone like your hard work once in a while.

Okay, time to pack it in for the night.

Happy Reading..........

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happily Ever Afters

I read an article today that basically stated there are no happily ever afters in relationships. Well, I beg to differ. This is just my opinion mind you, but there seem to be plenty of happily ever afters happening around the world. Maybe they don't fit into the mold that this particular person has for an HEA, I don't know but I for one found my Happy. Was it easy getting here, hell no, but then nothing worth having is easy, right? The struggle just makes the end result that much more sweet.

Anyway, Fawn, Shane and Luke are beginning to discover their complex relationship and as happens with any relationship its getting rocky. Will Fawn straighten everybody out or will she rethink their situation? So many possiblities.

I'd like to be further along in the story but life tends to step in and say "Hey, get your nose out of that laptop and do something with your family." Not a hardship. I adore my family. They have all been so supportive and excited for me since Black Smoke hit print. I'm proud to say we're a tight unit, celebrating each others accomplishments and being there when something doesn't work out the way we'd like. Even with all the fighting the kids do when it comes down to it they stand for each other and nothing could make me more proud.

Well, off to enjoy my happily ever after and rub it in the face of the sour person that claims they don't exist.

Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing

Okay, so we didn't get the snow they called for last night. That's cool. Just a dustying compared to what we expected. I can live with that.

I spent a few hours today working on my WIP. I had to go back and rewrite some of the last chapter. This crucial moment for my three characters took a wrong turn and I had to put them back on track. It happens. Sometimes they get a little pushy and I have to push back, but, I have them headed on the right track now and we're all good.

Writing tonight isn't going to happen. Two of the three children aren't getting along tonight, which is pretty much normal, but tonight is really bad. They have my head pounding and I don't do well when my head hurts this bad. So, a little Olympics and then off to bed.

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You can get my very first book Black Smoke in print now.

Have a good evening everyone.

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting geared up for more snow

They're calling for more snow in our area tonight, not much, about 3 - 6 inches. Just a little annoying, nothing more.
I've been enjoying the Olympics since Friday. I do love to watch the Olympics, mostly for the personal stories behind the athletes. You never fail to find a story that touches the heart or makes you step back and say, wow, what the hell am I complaining about. I was impressed with the opening cermonies. I loved the poet, and right now his name escapes me, but Wow, blew me away.

I'd like to remind everyone of my book Black Smoke now in print and available at ( if you go to my website, you can click on the direct link ) also available at Amazon along with other ebooks of mine. I don't like to beg, but PLEASE take a look at Black Smoke and see if it isn't a book you'd enjoy.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Well, we finally got our snow storm and that means the kids were home from school today so no writing happened. I can usually go a day without writing but if I don't get to do any two day's in a row, the voices in my head get really loud and annoying.

I did go out and sled ride with the kids. My butt was numb, my legs stung they were so cold, the wind blew the sleds around if we weren't holding on good and tight, oh, and our big baby German Shepard thought it was fun to attack us as we slid down the hill. I HAD A BLAST! My kids made me laugh so hard I thought the tears would freeze on my face. And, since we're a racing family we couldn't just slide down the hill like normal people, NOOOOOO, we RACED! One of those days you remember forever.

They already have a two hour delay in the morning so that means my day will be thrown off a bit but hopefully I'll get to write a few thousand words after they're safely off to school. Of course Valentine's day is Friday and that means going into the elementary school to help with the class party. So, no writing Friday.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Country Loving Releases

Today's the Day!! Country Loving, a short steamy story about a farmer and a city girl, releases today at All Romance eBooks Twenty-Eight Days of Heart.

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There is a story for EVERYONE!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

YaY! We missed the worst of the snow storm. Only ended up with a few inches when just down the road they over nine. That's okay, they can keep it. Still, I went out and shoveled our driveway and nearly froze my finger off. These freezing cold temps can go away any time now.

Anyway, let's see. I have a new WIP going. No title for it yet, but I don't get hung up on titles until I finish the script. Would you like some insight on the story?

First we have Fawn Corson, a kick ass, power house woman that is a Lt. in the Army. Her daily life in Afghanistan consists of defusing I.E.D's. I know, your saying women don't do that kind of job. DEAL WITH IT! That's why they call it fiction. Okay, back to the story. Along with being a "Blaster" she's also a sniper. Something she doesn't tell her teammates until the need to take down a terroist arises.

Her team. Hawes, controlled, reserved, a mass of tension in a solidly packed body of muslce.

Burg, quick tempered, full of energy, always on the move and built like brick wall.

Fawn tries not to become attached to her two protective soldiers but they draw her in. Becoming attached isn't smart, not for a person in her field, and for Fawn being with two incredibly handsome, sexy men is dangerous. The control she's successfully kept on her carnal, lusty desires since arriving in Afghanistan is slipping.

Fawn discovered early in life that her desires ran hotter than most and couldn't be satisfied emotionally or physically by one lover. Finding two men to fulfill her needs has become a challange that frustrates her.

She wonders if Burg and Hawes could fulfill her in ways no others could. The question is, are the two best friends willing to share something so intimate together?

Okay, that's the jist of the story. The outline could change as it often does and the characters decide they want to take different paths.

This story will be packed with action, hot sex and some intrigue, a basic contemporary as where all my other stories have been paranormal. I go with my gut when the idea's hit and so far things have gone well.

I'll try to keep the storyline updated as I write in case Fawn, Burg and Hawes decided to change things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow! I can't believe it took me so long to get back to my blog. Life has gotten so hectic I just can't seem to find time to squeeze it in.

So here's what's happened latelty.
My first erotic book released from Ellora's Cave entitled Soulless.

All Romance eBooks accepted a short story of mine for their Twenty-Eight Days of Heart. They chose twenty-eight stories, one to release every day of the month. All proceeds go the American Heart ASsoc. Not only is it my first short story but I'm in the company of some awesome authors. I don't feel worthy.
The story is Country Loving and is also erotic. (I'm having fun writing erotic)

My very first book Black Smoke is now in print! Happy Dance, butt shake, whoop whoop!
Right now its available at Cerridwen Press but will be available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I'm in print!!!!! My dream!!