Monday, April 19, 2010

Chrissy's World of Books Review. Awesome woman!!

Okay people! Another great review for Black Smoke from Chrissy's World of Books. Again, I wake this morning, try to busy myself waiting for the review to be posted. I got my kids off to school, my hubby off to work and took care of some household chores and then sat down and pulled up the review.

I link into the site, stare at the cover of my book and try to pump myself up to take a look at the review. I had a good review Friday so naturally I expect the cosmos to smack me down. Just the way my life works most of the time.

Carefully I scroll down and begin reading the first line of the review. Sweet, lovely relief flows through my body as I read how she couldn't put the book down. For the entire review, go to

Yay!!! I got through another one.

I love this woman. I have great respect for any woman that is a mother of 5, that's right, 5 kids and still finds the time to do what she wants and loves to to. Being a mother of 3, I sometimes struggle to keep life in line. For instance, my oldest had a birthday on the first of the month. Tomorrow my second son turns 12. In two weeks my mother has a birthday and 6 days after my husband has a birthday. RESPECT I tell you. Keeping track of 5 children, well, you go Chrissy!

On a side note, my oldest didn't get to race Friday night, (rained out) He handled it fine, probably because he had three friends coming over Saturday to spend the night. Four 15 year olds. What was I thinking? Can we say HYPER? I'm not sure any of them slept all night which kept my other two up most of the night and the dog unnerved. Ugh!!!!

Okay, I need to go now. I still have to prepare the decorations for my son's room. See, I do this thing where I decorate their room the night before their birthday while they sleep so when they wake up they have balloons and streamers hanging around. This time, since my son is so into Lego's, I'm hanging up cut outs of Lego's on his wall. I still have to cut them out, blow up balloons and tie streamers. It'll be a late night.

Take care everyone and as always,

Happy reading...........

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Chrissy said...

I love that you decorate your child's room the night before his birthday... That's awesome

In my house we have a special area in the formal living room that has a Birthday banner that goes up 1 month before their birthday with their name and a special table where presents and cards start to gather all the way up to their birthday. It's like they celebrate their birthday all month tell it arrives.

They love counting down to their birthday and to see what all arrives....

Since I have 5 kids we have Dec, Feb, June, July & Aug covered for all of our birthdays... The banner is up for 1/2 a year :-)

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments you made on about me and my book blog "Chrissy's World Of Books" I found this today while I was waiting for one of my 9 thousand kids to get around for school.

with 5 kids its never a dual moment in my house... We have a big dry erase calender on our kitchen wall to keep track of what kid has what going on, and with kids that ages range from 15 years old all the way down to 20 months we have to keep track of them some how :-)


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