Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm all shivery with excitement...

Well, today was good, great in fact. I had two winners for the contest at my cyber launch party for Marauder yesterday. I do hope the ladies enjoy Country Loving.
AND I got a fabulous, wonderful, spectacular review for Marauder.

I read through Marauder in record time—for me. I loved Robin Leigh Miller’s crisp, refreshing flow in this modern twist. Road Pirates. Everything about Strafe is different from the lover she once knew, and Priscilla has to decide if she wants the new him. Still the relationship between Strafe and Priscilla is my favorite in a long time, simply because it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s sexy. It’s also new as they have to get acquainted with the other, learn and discover each other in a totally new way. That’s amazing to watch as these tough, headstrong characters give in to their carnal desires. I loved the sex scenes. The pictures Ms. Miller painted of those two were vivid and in great detail from Riva at The Readers Roundtable

Please stop by their site and read the rest of the review.

Thank you, Riva!!!

There are some other great reviews on this site as well. Oh, and if you're easily offended by pictures of hard bodied, sexy, drop dead gorgeous men, don't look at the top of the page. I'm still trying to cool down. Hey, I'm not dead. I can look.

So, I'm working on new WIP and I'm at a critical point. The first (whispers) sex scene. I had to stop writing it today because I had to take my oldest to the doctor. Hopefully after everyone goes to bed tonight I can hit it hard. Oh my, that could mean two things, anywho, when I write my sex scenes I like to do it in one shot without being interrupted. (snicker) Okay, enough of that.

So, my oldest son turns 16 tomorrow and tonight while he's sleeping I'll decorate his room with streamers and balloons so when he wakes up, booyah, he's met with a celebration. After school my hubby is taking him to take his drivers permit test. (Gulp) My baby's growing up. I'm having a harder time dealing with his birthday than I ever did with any of mine.

Okay, time to get busy and I believe some one's thinking about sex...OK it's me!

Have a good one everyone...

Happy reading...


Thanks to everyone who stopped by my cyber launch party for Marauder yesterday! I enjoyed the comments and questions.

So here are the winners of the contest:

Stacie and Tracey D

Country Loving is on it's way to you ladies. I hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today's the day! Stop by and join in the fun celebrating my new release Marauder.

Leave a comment or question and be entered for a chance to win my short story Country Loving

Mention my blog for a second chance to win!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cyber Launch Party Tomorrow and a chance to win one of my back list!!!

Okay everyone. Tomorrow is my cyber launch party for Marauder. (the book cover is over to the right, ain't it cool) Stop by for a chance to win Country Loving, a short story about two childhood friends rediscovering each other. Now, this got some rave reviews at (they also released the story)
go to
Come on people. Let's make this a big turn out. Ask questions, I answer.

Want to check out Country Loving? Go to search under author, that would Robin Leigh Miller and click. All my books will show up, click on Country Loving and read the blurb and excerpt. And if your so inclined you can check out all the other books as well.

Here's a secret. Leave a comment or question and if you don't win Country Loving from the Launch Party you'll have a second chance. Leave a little message saying you read my blog and I'll toss your name in for a second drawing. Sound good?

Okay, let's get this all straight.
Tomorrow you go to
Leave a comment or question
mention you read my blog
and you have two chances to win Country Loving.

Happy dance and clapping hands!!!!
Thank you in advance for your support.

Now, on a side note.
Did anyone hear about the self published author who had a melt down yesterday after a reviewer gave her, what she considered an unfair review? Whoa, talk about mental break. She dropped the F bomb twice responding to other's comments. Now, as an author you simply have to accept you will not please everyone all the time. It doesn't happen, ever! But, acting like an insane twit does nothing to help your cause. I checked out her page on Amazon and wow, the world reacted with a deluge of negative responses.

I try to always thank anyone who took the time to read my book even if they didn't like it.

Okay, I had to say that. It just blew me away how this woman reacted.

Have a great one everybody, don't forget the Cyber Launch Party tomorrow and remember a hard on doesn't count as personal growth.

Happy Reading!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Vamps, Were's and Ghosts

It's MONDAY! My favorite show Being Human is on. A vampire living with a werewolf and ghost. All the scifi elements in one show. The werewolf, in my opinion, needs a good swift kick in the hairy butt though. He's whiny, unstable and it drives me nuts how he tells the other two how to live when he can't seem to do anything right. They need to push him to grow up a little. Other than that, it's a perfect show to me.

I think I like the ghost the most. I really wanna see her torment her ex, the one who killed her, until he's standing in the middle of the street screaming at the top of his lungs, stripping naked and running around in circles. But that's just me. I'm vindictive that way.(grin)

Oh, and Castle's on after that. Love me some Castle. He's got it so bad for Becket and one of these days they are gonna connect and WATCH OUT! The fireworks are gonna be grand. Oh, I love watching a romance bloom.

Funny, I write romance, I'll watch a short episode with romance in it, but I can't watch a chic flick movie to save my soul. My husband on the other hand loves to watch them. If I'm gonna invest two hours in a movie it better have explosions, guns, blood, gore, spooks, monsters or a psychological thriller. Weird, hunh?

What's your favorite type of movie?

Well, I have to run and find out who canceled payment on my reality check.
Until next time.........

Happy Reading......

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Have you checked out Marauder yet?

Okay, today is the second day Marauder is available. Have you checked out Strafe yet? He's hot. Tall, muscled and and a real bad boy. Do you like long hair on men? Strafe has long black hair he wears in a braid and did I mention he knows what to do with his hands? Come on ladies, ya know ya wanna read about a steamy hot guy like this.Just click on Marauder's book cover and you'll go right to the buy site where you can read an excerpt.

Don't forget my cyber launch party on the 30th. Leave a comment for a chance to win my short story Country Loving about a sexy farmer determined to finally win the love of his childhood neighbor. I'll post the web address the day before so you can schedule some time to pop on in.

I'm hoping for a big turn out!

Hey, I'm on facebook too. If you're so inclined look me up!

Okay, I'm countin' on you reading Maruader.

That's all for now and remember a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marauder has pulled out onto the highway and is ready to burn up the asphalt.

Hey everybody. Okay, Okay, I know, I haven't posted to my blog for a while. (blush) but I've been busy. WRITING! And today I have exciting news.

My modern day pirate story released today at Ellora's Cave. I love the cover, but then I love all my covers. It's a short novel in Ellora's Cave AHOY!series.

Here's the buy site in case you'd like to pop over and read an excerpt.

In other news, just a little FYI, most of my books can now be purchased at Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Sony digital ereader store.

I've been finding some of my books showing up on pirate sites. Now, these type of pirates aren't sexy at all. They harm the publishing world and the authors they steal from. Our ability to be published is based on sales numbers, and if our books are being given away freely, we don't get contracts. So, if you come across any authors being pirated, please, contact the publisher and supply the url where the book is being given away. Together, we can protect our favorite authors and keep them employed for our enjoyment.

So, that's my public service announcement for today. All kidding aside, this is a real devastating issue that needs to be watched carefully. You'll probably hear me rant about this more over time, but until we eliminate book pirating, I'll be obliged to continue.

Now, on a happier note, how's every one's spring going so far?
Mine pretty much sucks since it hasn't exactly arrived. A week into spring and I'm outside shoveling 7 inches of snow. That's just not right. I'm tired of shoveling. I want to walk with a warm breeze kicking up my hair. I wanna play outside with my kids. I'm getting a serious case of cabin fever. How about you?

Okay, I guess that's all I have to inform you about. Guess I'll get ready for the season premier of Fact of Faked. I love that show, especially when they find something they can't prove is fake. I do so love the unknown and unexplainable.

Have a good one everybody and as always..........

Happy Reading!