Monday, March 28, 2011

Vamps, Were's and Ghosts

It's MONDAY! My favorite show Being Human is on. A vampire living with a werewolf and ghost. All the scifi elements in one show. The werewolf, in my opinion, needs a good swift kick in the hairy butt though. He's whiny, unstable and it drives me nuts how he tells the other two how to live when he can't seem to do anything right. They need to push him to grow up a little. Other than that, it's a perfect show to me.

I think I like the ghost the most. I really wanna see her torment her ex, the one who killed her, until he's standing in the middle of the street screaming at the top of his lungs, stripping naked and running around in circles. But that's just me. I'm vindictive that way.(grin)

Oh, and Castle's on after that. Love me some Castle. He's got it so bad for Becket and one of these days they are gonna connect and WATCH OUT! The fireworks are gonna be grand. Oh, I love watching a romance bloom.

Funny, I write romance, I'll watch a short episode with romance in it, but I can't watch a chic flick movie to save my soul. My husband on the other hand loves to watch them. If I'm gonna invest two hours in a movie it better have explosions, guns, blood, gore, spooks, monsters or a psychological thriller. Weird, hunh?

What's your favorite type of movie?

Well, I have to run and find out who canceled payment on my reality check.
Until next time.........

Happy Reading......

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