Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Space Woes - Winter Returns - Dangerous Money

I am so frustrated I could pull my hair out! Not being computer savvy I struggle my way through setting up sites for myself. My latest struggle is with my space. All I wanted to do was get a premade layout loaded so my page didn't look so generic. I go to several different sites that have layouts, spend an hour perusing for a layout that fits my personality and follow the directions to a T! What happens, half of it shows up. No background, my personal info disappears and the contact me box REFUSES to make itself visible. WHY!!!! So, I go back, read the directions once more, retry everything and still. NOTHING!!!!! Okay, I'll just ask for help. Where do I ask for help. A forum, ack! Needless to say, my page is a disaster! But I will figure it out, I swear it will not conquer me.

Winter made its return. The cold weather slithered back in and brought with it SNOW!! Ugh, I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning, that's right shoveling. How many more days until spring? So, while it snowed I sat at my desk searching the web for ways to advertise my books and get my name out so people might take a look at what I write and possibly read it.
If anyone has any suggestions for a low budget advertising seeker, please feel free to contact me. I'm open to new ideas, really.

Okay, the second installment of Dangerous Money is ready. Enjoy it, let me know what you think and please, pop on over to my web site.
Happy Reading.......................


Twenty-six year old Marley waited anxiously for Kevin to come home. Setting businesses up with new computer systems and software sometimes required waiting for after hours. To pass the time she popped in her favorite disk of all time, the day she won two million dollars on her favorite game show Push Your Luck.
When she and Kevin were dating, they would sit and watch, Marley shouting out answers, screaming at the contestants when they screwed up. Kevin would laugh, reminding her that it’s different when millions of people were watching you and the pressure was on.
Then one day, only months after their nuptials, the local news station reported the game show would be holding auditions only seventy miles away from their small town. Kevin, her family and friends all urged her to try out.
“Why not? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” She agreed.
Taking a day off at the hospital she worked at as a surgical assistant, she shanghaied her best friend Tori and made the drive.
“Oh my God Tori. Look at that line. I don’t have a chance in hell. We might as well go home now. It’ll be ten o’clock tonight before I get in there.”
The line wrapped around the old brick building, now used as a theater, and nearly made it back to the front door. Hundreds of people chattered to people they didn’t know claiming they were the best at the game and would set a new winning record when they got on. Marley sighed to herself, flipped open her phone and called Kevin.
“Honey, I don’t think this is going to work. You should see the people here. I think I’m just going to come home.”
“Babe, this is a once in a life time chance. Wait it out, give it a chance and who knows, you might get lucky.”
His encouragement strengthened her will. “But I might not get home until midnight.”
“I’ll warm dinner for you. Now get your sexy little ass in that line and make me proud.”
Wanting to succeed more for Kevin than for herself, she trudge up to the line and took her place. Tori kept her occupied with mindless talk about the happenings in the world, who was dating whom, and then resorted to observing people in line and figuring out what celebrity they looked like. Marley kept reminding herself she was doing this for Kevin, it was the only way she kept herself in a mile long line that moved every half hour.
“I’m getting cold. You want some coffee?” Tori wrapped her arms around herself and shivered.
“No and you shouldn’t drink any either. God knows when we’ll get near a bathroom. I have to go as it is.”
Tori gave an exasperated sigh. “I’m gonna go for a walk. If I find a place with a public restroom I’ll come back, hold your place in line and you can go.”
Marley couldn’t find any fault with that plan. “Okay, just hurry. The line might move three inches and you won’t be able to find me.”
Tori didn’t take the time to comment, she simply stepped out of line and disappeared. Fifteen minutes later, she returned with a steaming cup of coffee.
“Two blocks down there’s a diner called Emilio’s. Buy a cup of coffee, use the restroom and you’ll be back in fifteen.”
“I don’t want any coffee.” Marley didn’t like whining, but this was seriously ridiculous.
“So, bring it back for me. I’m mostly using it to keep my hands warm.”
The urge to use the bathroom had grown in the last few minutes. “Okay. Keep your eye out for me in case I can’t find you.”
Like her friend, she returned shortly after with a cup of coffee and opted to hold it herself to keep her hands warm. Four hours later they were at the front door and could feel the warm air escaping from inside.
“Almost there honey.” Tori said patting her on the back.
“I don’t even care about auditioning anymore. I just want inside. It looks like it’s going to snow.”
A scrawny, dark haired young man stepped out the door, shivered, and yelled, “I need the next four people in line.”
“That’s you Mar. Good luck. I’ll be waiting for you over there on the corner.” She shoved Marley through the door and took off.
For half an hour Marley filled out paperwork, read a release, signed more papers and then sat. At least she was inside and sitting, not freezing her limbs off.
“Marley Donavan.” The same gangly kid bellowed.
Marley stood and followed him into a room where four people seated behind a long table sat with glazed eyes, stone faces and don’t care attitudes. Without even glancing up, they hurled questions at her like baseballs. She stammered, stuttered and fought like hell to keep up with them. When they were finished, Marley covered her face with her hands, shook her head and prayed her torture session was over.
“Okay Ms. Donovan, you’re finished.”
Like a lamb being led to slaughter, she was taken by the arm and dragged out of the room, told to stay put until someone came for her and then left alone. Two minutes later a paper was shoved in hand.
“This is the date you’ll be on the show. You make your own arrangements. Hotel, transportation to the studio, oh and bring a few different outfits so wardrobe can make sure you look good on camera. You’ll need to arrive two hours before air time so make-up can get you ready. It’s all there.”
Before she could look up from the paper in her hand, she was alone again. A bright red exit sign hung over the only door around so, assuming this was the way out, she wandered over, opened it and stepped out onto a side street. Dumbfounded, shocked and still not sure what just happened, she shuffled her way to the main street. Tori stood with her back to her puffing on a cigarette.
“Tori?” Her voice sounded like a frightened child.
“Hey Mar, how’d it go?”
She handed her the paper and looked around. “It’s dark. How long was I in there?”
“Holy crap Marley, you did it. You’re on the show.”
Barely feeling her best friend wrap her arms around her she stood staring straight ahead.
“You have to call Kevin and let him know.”
“I guess.” On automatic now, she pulled her phone from her pocked, dialed the number and watched as Tori danced around in the street.
Hearing Kevin’s voice helped bring her back to the fringes of reality. “Kevin, honey I made it.”

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dangerous Money

It's been a few days since my last post. Currently I'm trying to complete the third book in my Black Smoke series. I'm so close to the end, yet so far. I can see the ending in my head, but the journey there seems to be taking side trips. (Sigh) That frustrates me to no end. But I'm confident that I'll complete the script soon. Sometimes it simply takes a few days away mulling different scenarios around in my head, then WHAM! it happens. The words flow like water spilling over a fall.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of my book Running Blind, remember, it releases February 21.

Sadly, my first book Black Smoke was passed up for print this winter. Keep your fingers crossed that it will make it on the summer print schedule. When it does I'll scream it from the tree tops.

In the mean time I've begun a story for my blog. Today is the first installment. Feel free to leave a comment about it. My goal is to post an installment every day, but life tends to get in the way of my writing from time to time. Those of you that have children, or a husband, understand what I mean. Well, here it is. Enjoy and Happy Reading.

Dangerous Money

Two bright white globes accelerated down the shiny macadam road. The late hour left

the usually busy stretch baron except for one lone traveler. A heavy mist hung in the air

as if nature couldn’t decide to let it rain of not. The man in the darkened car allowed a

slow, lazy smile spread across his lips. Tonight’s weather was a welcome addition to his


He’d spent two weeks following his target to and from work, studying his driving

habits, keeping logs of the nights the other man worked late. Tirelessly he reviewed fatal

car accident reports available on the web, scanning ghoulish victim photos and

committing to memory the classic signs police looked for in foul play. The results of his

hard work were about to pay off without any questions being asked.

The high beams grew larger as the car neared his hiding spot. A spot he chose as

carefully as he did his rental car. Midnight blue, simple two-door car allowed him to sit

unnoticed behind a clump of trees, yet afforded him the best position to activate his plan

and watch.

As his target rounded a curve, the stranger reached out, grasped the dial that would

turn on his high beams and pressed the palm of his other hand to the center of the steering

wheel. Waiting for the precise moment as the cars headlights peeked around the bend he

simultaneously blared his horn and blinded the driver with his lights.

Tires squealed as the on coming car jerked across the road, skidded in the lose gravel

on the shoulder as its driver fought for control. Catching the soft mud it pulled hard to

the left, the driver gunned the engine in hopes of pulling back to the safety of the road.

Instead, the sporty two- door dug in, tipped and tumbled down the steep bank leading to

a deep ravine. The sound of saplings snapping and crushing, metal scraping against rock sent

chills up the stranger’s spine.

He’d wait a few moments of course, let the whole scene settle a bit before putting on

the face of a concerned citizen and checking to make sure the driver was all right. He

wouldn’t be, there was no way a person would survive such a brutal crash as that. If he

did though, well, he had a back up plan.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Old man winter has welcomed 2008 with his icy fingers and chilling breath. It was one of those days where you just want to huddle under a blanket with that special someone and never venture farther than the fridge for a snack.

The wind whipped and howled sending my two dogs into a frenzy thinking there was someone at the door all day long. Boy I hope they sleep good tonight. I know I will.

The good news is they are calling for temps in the 50's beginning next week, at least for a few days. Hold onto your shorts, that's a heat wave this time of year in my little corner of the world.

Well, now to the writing part of my life.
I've been thinking about writing a short story and posting bits and pieces of it on my blog. Not sure what I'll write, but I'll give it some thought. Since I've never written a short story before this will be new territory for me. Hopefully this will filter some new readers to my books.

I'm still reeling from the holiday madness and having a hard time getting my mind back where it belongs. Therefor my writing has been put on the back burner. Bummer.......cause ole Ricochet is stomping his foot and sneering at me waiting for his story to be finished. I think Ricochet is my favorite character from the Black Smoke series. He's funny, intelligent, brave and not afraid to admit when he's wrong.. The street wise man can make a woman laugh or want to smack him..what more can you ask from in a guy??

I better get his story finished soon or he'll haunt my dreams. He's already talking to me inside my head. "Come on girl, what's the hold up?"
"Can't wait around forever. Gotta life to live ya know."
"Ya gonna hook me up with that Rogue woman or leave me danglin'?"
Ah yes, he never shuts up lately. But that's good, he'll push me until I get my ice cold bottom on the move again.

For now, I'm going to go crawl under a pile of blankets and try to stay warm while the wind whistles around the house making me colder just listening to it. Yuk I hate wind.

Until next time.................

Happy Reading................

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Happy New Year to all! May everyone have a safe, prosperous, healthy new year.

I look forward to this new year and the possibilities that are ahead.

Make the most of what you have and strive for something a little more!

Best Wishes,

Until next time......

Happy Reading............

Robin Leigh Miller