Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dangerous Money

It's been a few days since my last post. Currently I'm trying to complete the third book in my Black Smoke series. I'm so close to the end, yet so far. I can see the ending in my head, but the journey there seems to be taking side trips. (Sigh) That frustrates me to no end. But I'm confident that I'll complete the script soon. Sometimes it simply takes a few days away mulling different scenarios around in my head, then WHAM! it happens. The words flow like water spilling over a fall.

I'm eagerly awaiting the release of my book Running Blind, remember, it releases February 21.

Sadly, my first book Black Smoke was passed up for print this winter. Keep your fingers crossed that it will make it on the summer print schedule. When it does I'll scream it from the tree tops.

In the mean time I've begun a story for my blog. Today is the first installment. Feel free to leave a comment about it. My goal is to post an installment every day, but life tends to get in the way of my writing from time to time. Those of you that have children, or a husband, understand what I mean. Well, here it is. Enjoy and Happy Reading.

Dangerous Money

Two bright white globes accelerated down the shiny macadam road. The late hour left

the usually busy stretch baron except for one lone traveler. A heavy mist hung in the air

as if nature couldn’t decide to let it rain of not. The man in the darkened car allowed a

slow, lazy smile spread across his lips. Tonight’s weather was a welcome addition to his


He’d spent two weeks following his target to and from work, studying his driving

habits, keeping logs of the nights the other man worked late. Tirelessly he reviewed fatal

car accident reports available on the web, scanning ghoulish victim photos and

committing to memory the classic signs police looked for in foul play. The results of his

hard work were about to pay off without any questions being asked.

The high beams grew larger as the car neared his hiding spot. A spot he chose as

carefully as he did his rental car. Midnight blue, simple two-door car allowed him to sit

unnoticed behind a clump of trees, yet afforded him the best position to activate his plan

and watch.

As his target rounded a curve, the stranger reached out, grasped the dial that would

turn on his high beams and pressed the palm of his other hand to the center of the steering

wheel. Waiting for the precise moment as the cars headlights peeked around the bend he

simultaneously blared his horn and blinded the driver with his lights.

Tires squealed as the on coming car jerked across the road, skidded in the lose gravel

on the shoulder as its driver fought for control. Catching the soft mud it pulled hard to

the left, the driver gunned the engine in hopes of pulling back to the safety of the road.

Instead, the sporty two- door dug in, tipped and tumbled down the steep bank leading to

a deep ravine. The sound of saplings snapping and crushing, metal scraping against rock sent

chills up the stranger’s spine.

He’d wait a few moments of course, let the whole scene settle a bit before putting on

the face of a concerned citizen and checking to make sure the driver was all right. He

wouldn’t be, there was no way a person would survive such a brutal crash as that. If he

did though, well, he had a back up plan.

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