Monday, June 27, 2011

Cover Contest Results and Mini Review of Return to Delight

Okay, so last month I was pushing everyone over to cover cafe to vote for 2010 book covers. Tempest's Gift was a finalist. Today the results were posted and Tempest came in 7. Am I disappointed. Yep, but more so for the awesome cover designer Reese Dante. She had two covers up. Fallen came in 5 and Tempest 7. I was really hoping she picked up first for one of them. What talent. Not to worry. Reese has won many contests with her designs and will continue to with her unique eye. I love ya Reese.

Today I was starving for a quick read and Black Raven reviews posted a recommended read for fellow author Regina Carlysle. The book. Return to Delight. So, I popped on over to Ellora's Cave and downloaded it for a piddly 4.95.

Here's what I thought about this story.


This scrumptious Texan tale is loaded with scorching sex scenes and love that never died over time. Cooper loved Harely so completely that he was willing to put his heart on the line and risk breaking it into a zillion pieces to try to win her love. And, when all hope looked lost he gave it one last ditch effort. What woman could walk away from a sexy rancher willing to risk it all for her? I sure as hell couldn't.

If you want a great quick read that will curl your toes check out Regina Carlysle's Return to Delight here Regina assures me we'll be hearing more from the men of Delight, Texas. And boy, I can't wait.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Interview at Riverina Romances

Check out my interview up at Riverina Romances . This a great blog run by some fun ladies. Check it out. They have give aways, do reviews, interviews and guest blogs.

Buy Marauder here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New project and tiny review of Larissa Ione's Eternal Rider

Hey all! Hope your summer is going well. My kids have been out of school for two weeks now and today I got to sit down and write a new chapter in my newest project. I've struggling to come up with strong characters and strong plot lately. Nothing I jot down seems to do if for me and then last night it hit me. I'm doing it backwards. What I mean is, I was trying to center my story around a male alpha when what I do best is write about a strong female alpha.

Everyone has their own way of writing, their own voice and style. Mine seems to work best when I center the plot around my female character and not the male. Sure, I like alpha males, but I NEED my female to just as strong. Once I got my head wrapped around that simple fact, the story came together. I plotted it out last night, spent most of my morning working the story in my head and then this afternoon sat down and wrote the first chapter.

I'm liking it so far. Tasha, that's my alpha female, is strong, not afraid of who she is and doesn't take crap off anyone. She doesn't apologize to anyone for who she is. If you like her, great. If you don't, your loss. Tasha likes riding her father's old motorcycle and loves leather. Her job, she's a body guard.

There, I gave you a taste of my latest WIP. I'm eager to get it written because I'm loving my characters and where they're headed in the story. I do so love it when a plot comes together.

I have some other projects in the works for this summer, but I'll keep those to myself for now. I'm superstitious and speaking of them first before I get them underway is a jinx. It'll probably take a while to get them underway.

So, the other day I read the first book in Larissa Ione's new series Lords of Deliverance. Eternal Rider. I loved it. Ten stars all the way. I love this woman and wish I had the talent she has in her pinky. If you want a good read that's different, loaded with hot characters and different story line, check out Eternal Rider. I promise, you won't be disappointed.

How could you not want to read about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Action, hot romance and characters that return for a visit from her past books. I can't wait for the next story. Larissa is quickly becoming my favorite author.

Okay, that's about it for me tonight. My brain's fried and needs a rest so I can hit the new WIP hard tomorrow. That is if my kid's don't have me running like a mad woman around the country side.

Have a great rest of the week everyone and enjoy your weekend.

Happy reading..........

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Riverina Romantics: REVIEW: Marauder by Robin Leigh Miller

Riverina Romantics: REVIEW: Marauder by Robin Leigh Miller

This review rocks!

On the heels of a rejection I found this review. Needless to say it buffered the quick, stabbing, temporary pain of having a story turned down by a publisher.

Never fear! I will be overhauling the story that has been rejected and sending it out once again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Print Book Available!

I'm so excited!!! I have yet another book in print and it has an awesome, brand spanking new cover! It's sexy, hot and intriguing. (in my humble opinion) At the moment is only available at Amazon. Force of Nature (9781419964626): Robin Leigh Miller: Books

That makes 3 print books in my library. I know, maybe I'll hold a contest to celebrate! Keep checking back for details.

Here are some reviews for Force of Nature that may help you decide if you'd like to spend your hard earned money on one of my stories!

Force of Nature is a suspenseful story.....The plot line is exciting and a real page turner. Ms. Miller does a wonderful job keeping her readers involved in the plot............. Coffee Time Romance

Ms. Miller has done a wonderful job of bringing hope, love and sensual romance to life through the contagious characters of Markey and Trip. Force of Nature is a story that encompassed certain aspects and feelings of real life leaving this reviewer captivated with its magic. This is definitely one you won't want to miss!...Love Romaces and More

I enjoyed reading Robin Leigh Miller's Force of Nature. The plot was unique, the characters were strong, and their romance was sweet yet very sensual at times...............Romance Reader at Heart

Force of Nature is an emotion-packed and somewhat heart wrenching tale...Ms. Miller pens a story rife with enotiona and originality.......Romance Junkies

I can't recommend this story enough for those who enjoy a well thought out tale that is written in a way that stimulates your imagination but also captures your soul. I hope this is only the beginning for Ms.Miller because she is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the paranormal genre.....Fallen Angel Reveiws

Force of Nature was a thrilling read that had me wanting to know what would happen next..........Night Owl Romance

Force of Nature is a story that will leave readers feeling like they have been on a journey with the characters and gained a great insight into humanity and the power of love.........REVEIWERS CHOICE AWARD for October...Two Lips Reviews