Monday, December 26, 2011

Angel Flight

This holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, and you live in the United States, take a moment, a quiet reflective moment, and say a prayer for the families of those who have given us the most precious gift of all.

Freedom. A simple word, yet its meaning is deep and important. Remember how we got that freedom, who makes sure we maintain it. No, not politicians, but the everyday men and women, the average Joe, who do their job, put their lives on the line and leave behind loved ones. Remember them, please. Remember the service men and women. Remember their families.

For those of you who have read Spliced and it touched you deeply, please, watch this video, feel its meaning and then say that prayer for those Hero's and their families.

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Angel Flight

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wonderful Reviews Coming in for Spliced

Please, forgive my excitement, but I have some wonderful reviews coming in for Spliced from readers I'd like to share.

I absolutely LOVE this book. It is a well-written, heart-wrenching romance with deep, believable characters. Ms. Miller weaves together descriptive, emotional scenes of war, loss, and grieving with scorching hot bedroom scenes between a protective, heroic alpha male and a strong, courageous heroine. Ms. Miller captured my attention and stole my heart by thoroughly grounding the characters in a wartime back-story and following Ridge and Avery through the military's honorific funeral ceremonies. As these characters suffered the loss of their friend and brother, I found myself emotionally invested in the story, crying at the thought of losing a loved one and appreciating the sacrifice that men and women in uniform so willingly give. As both stubborn, misguided, three-dimensional characters come to terms with their relationship, Ms. Miller gives the reader a hard-bodied, war-battered soldier with hidden sensitivities, a hot cop who incites jealousy in our soldier boy (hope this isn't the last we see of Stone), and a curvy leading lady who keeps her man coming back for more...and more! I'll definitely be reading this one again and looking forward to Ms. Miller's next romance. Now, if I could only find myself a soldier... :)

The fact that the reader took the time to leave this review means so much to me. Sometimes, you aren't sure how your work is being received and in this economy you want to give a reader a story they won't regret spending their hard earned money on.

Put it this way, by page 25 I am bawling like a baby. By page 33 I have a smile on my face because you know its about to HOT. And bam! Next thing I know I'm on here giving the book 5 stars and I am still in the process of reading it! Its just that good. Ok I'm back! I just finished the book. Could not put it away. Thank you Robin for a very long night. This book is worth of the 5 star rating. The emotion and realism captured within these pages are worth every penny. Just make sure you have a box of tissue next to you! You will need them. That or my pms is just making me very emotional lol

Seeing comments like these made all the research and time spent writting this story worth it. The two reviews above gave me 5 star ratings. You can read more reviews at here

The next reviewer gave a 3 1/2 star rating at GoodReads, but I understand her opinion and respect it.

This has been another really hard review for me.

I am a fan of Robin Leigh Millers writing style. Her writing is sexy as hell and even dirty in enjoyable doses.

In Spliced, I was completely gobsmacked by the first half of the book. It starts off with Avery loosing her twin brother while fighting in Afghanistan. But the pain doesn't stop there - you are taken on the extremely emotional journey of her brothers final trip home. Every single little detail had my heart bleeding for Avery.

"It was our honor to bring your brother home, Miss Easton."

It was heart wrenching, absolutely, undeniably, upsetting and to explain just how emotional it was - I cried. I gawd damn cried! I far-king CRIED!!! I do not cry in books people. And let me tell you another thing, if my husband wasn't in the same room as me for the majority of the first half of the book I would have bawled like a baby.

Not only did Avery loose her brother, but his best friend was there when he died. Which brings in the love interest - Ridge.

I felt like their reunion was going to be all kinds or sweet and romantic and it sure as hell was sexy. Their first sexual encounter had me smiling. They played a little bit of 'hard to get' which I really enjoyed.

"I guess you don't want to come - that's okay. I'll just lick all that cream away on your thighs while I jerk off and then I'll leave. That's what you want, isn't it, for me to get the hell out of here?"

The playful fighting was the start. But it continued throughout the book and made the love between them a little less convincing by the end IMO.

Even now I am still wondering if it would have been better for her to go for the second love interest - Stone. Now Stone was a sweetie. He was so damn kind, hung like a horse too - which always comes in handy (no pun intended.

So as a quick round up of my thoughts - I lOVED the first half, 4 out of 5 stars, but the ending didn't hit me as hard as the start and I would give it a 3 out of 5.

Still a great book, well written and damn saucy

After exchanging a few emails with the reviewer, she explained to me that the tension filled relationship between Ridge and Avery wasn't something she was accustomed to. I get that. Sincerely, I do. Not all relationships are smooth and easy going. Those of us who are fortunate to have a partner that makes us laugh and is easy to communicate with are lucky.

Ridge and Avery's romantic relationship blooms from tragidy, throw in a lot of self doubt on Ridge's part and Avery's unwavering commitment to the man she loves and tension builds. Sometimes we have to travel down extremely rocky roads to reach the prize at the end, and in this story, that is what I wanted them to do.

I greatly appreciate the reviewers opinion, but as any writer will tell you, you can't please everybody.

So, I hope you will give Spliced a chance and experience Ridge and Avery's budding romance for yourself.

Below are links where Spliced can be purchased.

Ellora's Cave (Prefered Link to buy from)

All Romance eBooks


Remember, leaving a detailed or even brief comment for an author's work never goes unappreciated.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

.99 Books

Great news! Six of my books are on sale for .99 at Ellora's Cave.

Black Smoke
Boomer's Fall
Ricochets Rogue
Force of Nature
Running Blind

If you haven't read any of my work, this is a great chance to try it. Treat yourself to a holiday gift.
Ellora's Cave Robin Leigh Miller

Don't forget Spliced is now available.

When Cale Easton is struck down on the battlefield, his twin connection to his sister Avery is severed. Avery desperately reaches out mentally to find her brother only to have her dangling bond spliced together with Cale's best friend Ridge Gates. Being privy to his inner thoughts and feelings leaves Avery confused, yet still in love with the man whose held her heart for ten years.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Available Today! Spliced

I'm so excited. Today is the release of my first full length novel in a few years. I would be ever so appreciative if you would check it out.

Here's a sneak peek.

“I was so scared,” she said, pushing away from him.

Ridge kept his arms clamped around her, refusing to let her go. Eventually the fight drained away and she sagged against him.

“You were both hurt. I couldn’t talk to either one of you. I’ve never felt so alone in my life.”

Why hadn’t he thought of this? He’d always seen her as so strong and independent. He hadn’t realized how much she needed her brother. Could he have been a bigger ass?

“I was so scared I would lose both of you,” she said, lifting her head and looking into his eyes. “If I’d lost you both, I don’t how I’d have survive.”

“Avery.” Her name was all he could manage. There was a pleading in her eyes that he didn’t understand, but he wanted so badly to do whatever it was she needed.

She smoothed her palms up his chest. “I’ve drifted through the last few days detached and empty.”

That he understood, along with the heat that spread throughout his system from her touch. He wanted to groan from her caress, a pleasure he didn’t deserve.

“I don’t want to feel empty anymore.” Her fingers slipped the top button of his shirt free. “I need to feel alive.” The next two buttons were quickly released.

“Avery,” he whispered, shaking his head and helpless to stop her. He couldn’t allow this. It wouldn’t be right. He didn’t have anything to offer her.

“No more talking. No more hurt right now.”

Ridge sucked in a deep breath as her warm hands pressed against his bare chest and pushed his shirt off his shoulders. He needed to stop this before it got out of hand. She didn’t really want him. She just wanted solace and he was the only one available to give it to her.

“Stop thinking,” she told him softly as she unlatched his belt.

This was what he’d dreamed of for so many years, what got him through those nights in Afghanistan. Thinking about Avery’s soft body and how mind-blowing it would be having her under him, and she was offering up that dream. Everything he’d ever wanted was right here in front of him and he’d be a bastard for taking it, or a bastard for refusing.

Avery looked at him. “Pretend I’m someone else if you have to. Just give me this.”

A single tear trickled from her eye, spilled down her cheek and erased every doubt he had about taking what she offered. Pretend? Dear God. He’d never have to pretend she was someone else.

Grasping the back of her neck, he let his gaze settle on her plump lips and lowered his head. All those years of wondering what she’d taste like, how sensuous her silky lips would be against his, and he was about to find out.

“No pretending.” He whispered the promise and then touched her lips with his.

Just a brush. He didn’t want to scare her, or push her any faster than she was willing to go in her fragile state. With featherlight kisses he touched each corner of her mouth, lingered over her lips and tried to commit her softness to memory. If she changed her mind he wanted her to think she could pull back. God help him, he hoped like hell she didn’t change her mind.

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