Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun Phone Apps That Turn Dangerous

Caught your attention with that post title didn't I? What the heck is she talking about, is that what you're thinking? Well, let me explain.

We've all seen them advertised on TV, "Text 1234 to such and such and find out if your crush is your true love" or, and this is my favorite. "Text 1234 to such and such and find out when you're going to die" These apps are supposed to be for fun, but my brain took that simple idea and twisted it until I came up with story.

Protect and Serve

Tami Cassidy with her free willed, always looking for an adventure, what could it hurt attitude - decided to give the Death Clock app a whirl. At first she got a good laugh. In three months time she'd be dead, yeah, right. But then the clock started counting down and she began to receive messages reminding her of her impending death.

A nuisance, but nothing serious, until they started arriving every hour on the hour. A simple number change would stop that. Not so much. And, couldn't this all come at more inconvenient time? The hot cop, Kevin Stone, who she's been blatantly flirting with for months has finally taken the hint and asked her out. Her life becomes a roller coaster ride. The ups of spending time with this passionate, all consuming man and the lows of fear that this app isn't as innocent and fun as the thought.

The countdown is beginning.....

We as a society simply expect there is nothing malicious behind those apps or games we download. But what if something more sinister is lurking. A power we can't see or don't understand. Are you willing to turn your life upside down or possibly die for a few moments of entertainment?

Protect and Serve coming November 2, 2012 from Ellora's Cave