Friday, January 20, 2012

Recommended Read "Spliced" does it again!

I'm flabbergasted! Another recommended read for "Spliced" at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews.

Here's a snippet.

This is an incredibly emotional and heartfelt book and I am so happy that I got the chance to review it. Please get this book as soon as you can. You will not be disappointed!

Check out the blog for the entire review.

Monday, January 16, 2012

"Spliced" Reviewers Top Pick

A review from Night Owl Reviews hit today. A Top Pick! Here's a snippet of the review, for the rest visit Night Owl Reviews

"Wow. I'm speechless—literally speechless. Spliced was, quite simply, one hell of a roller-coaster—and easily my favorite book of 2012. Maybe of all time—ever! Within the first few pages, I was hooked, and I couldn't walk away even if I had wanted to. And believe me: I didn't want to.

Spliced is pure perfection: steamy, emotional and gripping!

5 STARS! Robin Leigh Miller, you have yourself a new fan for life! I'm still reeling from the emotional and passionate battle that Spliced waged on me, and yet at the same time I can't wait to pick up more of your novels! I loved this book so much it's going on my favorites list for good, and I plan on re-reading it as soon as I come down from this virtual high that it has left me in. I hope that Officer Stone gets his own story, as I was sad to see him all alone (though I knew Ridge was the only one for Avary). There are not enough words in the dictionary to accurately capture my feelings on Spliced, but I will say this: I've enjoyed countless books over the years. I've loved quite a few. But Spliced may be the only one I have ever fallen for so hard, with my heart, soul, and body all tied up in the gut-wrenching story that is Avary and Ridge. Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Now! You won't regret it. But be prepared—grab a box of tissues, a pitcher of ice water, and a quiet corner. Then settle yourself in, because this is going to be one hell of a ride—and one that you won't want to take a rest from until the very end!"

Spliced can be purchased at Ellora's Cave or Amazon

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Less Talk, More Action

Yay! The new Men's Line at Ellora's Cave launched today. As I said before, these stories are written for men from a man's Point of view, but ladies are welcome to dive in with both feet and get the heart pumping. Here's a peek at what hit the cyber shelves today. Check out these sizzling excerpts!

Less Talk, More Action by Robin Leigh Miller

Rylee Shotts strolled into his house as the clock ticked to one a.m. Normally he wouldn’t be home this early on a Friday night but his friends had other plans, mostly dates, and that left him rolling solo for the evening. It had happened before, but most times he could find a soft, warm body to keep him company. Tonight, no such luck. Maybe the midsummer heat kept people in. He didn’t know and didn’t really give a damn.

After grabbing an ice-cold beer from the fridge, he made his way out to his back deck. The air felt heavy, thick and wet. Humidity hung like a heavy blanket over the area and he had to admit it dampened his partying mood. Looking out over his backyard, he decided an early morning lawn mowing would be a good idea. He could have it finished by mid-morning and then camp out in the air conditioning the rest of the day.

A sound caught his attention and had him turning toward the house next door. A dim light flicked on, barely illuminating the small cement patio. Rylee took a sip of beer and turned his attention back to his property. If the weather wasn’t going to be so stifling this weekend he’d consider starting that backyard barbeque pit he’d always wanted.

Another sound came from next door. Rylee turned his head and glanced down to find a chaise longue sitting in the dim light with a large bottle of water and a frosty glass of some kind of brightly colored drink sitting next to it. Since when did the old man who lived there drink, much less fumble around at this hour?

The door opened and a long-legged brunette stepped out wearing a short, strapless sundress that hugged her body tightly and accentuated her curvaceous hips and, hello, round popping ass. Fuck, he loved full-loaded asses. Damn, old man Foust either had a granddaughter visiting or the old bastard still had it up and working.

Rylee stepped into the shadows near the end of his deck so he could get a better look without being seen. The last thing he needed was the old man charging over with a rifle, ready to blow his balls off for peeping on his granddaughter or piece of ass, whichever the case may be. Tipping back his longneck bottle and taking a draw, Rylee settled in to see just what Legs was up to.

Hard Days Reward by Cara Carnes

There weren’t many things better than a cold beer after a shitty day. Only one came to Chad Barlow’s mind immediately—one of Shelly’s surprises.

He knocked on the apartment door and edged closer to the entrance. She’d driven him crazy most of the afternoon. The hands-off-at-work bullshit was getting old, but she made up for it when they did get together, so he couldn’t bitch too hard.

The door creaked open and a curvy brunette answered with a smirk on her full red lips. Her blue eyes scanned him in silent appreciation and his cock hardened instantly at the perusal. Her I’d-fuck-you-hard-any-day look almost made him forget why he was here.

A red, thin-strapped shirt hugged her palm-sized tits and stopped short of nice, full hips. Snug shorts stopped mid-thigh, offering him a bountiful feast of tanned skin, which ended at dainty red-polished toenails. But her lush lips and long, curled hair drew his gaze back to her bemused grin. His hands itched to run through the thick mass and press her to the floor. Maybe then he could sample exactly what that hot little mouth could do.

“You must be Chad.” She stepped aside. “Come in and join the party. Shelly’s told me all about you.”

Crap. He’d fucked up already and hadn’t even gotten in the door. His cock throbbed, aching for relief from the tension his thoughts had stirred. Shelly never went for drama, but getting a hard-on for whoever this was probably wasn’t the best way to start the surprise.

“Hey, baby.” Shelly wandered in, her long blonde hair swishing around her shoulders as she flip-flopped her way to him and stood on tiptoes to kiss him. Her hand ran down his chest and dipped lower to cup his balls. He groaned into her floral-scented hair. “I knew he’d find you hot, Marcy.”

The appreciative lilt in her voice revved his libido into overdrive. He’d make sure she purred good and hard tonight.

The white lace bra and panty set he’d gotten her for her birthday taunted him from beneath a white lace kimono. He never cared much what she wore. Her sexy-as-hell molten lips and the sensuous swish of her hips always captured his attention first.

The wicked grin he recognized lit up her face. She’d planned something naughty. “I’ve put out a beer for you.”

That’s one thing he always enjoyed about Shelly. The no-frills d├ęcor of her house made him welcome—from her eclectic black-and-white scenery photographs to an endless assortment of shot glasses. Nothing in the place matched and he loved every inch of it.

Marcy angled toward the loveseat and perched on the edge. “I was worried he wouldn’t since you’re so gorgeous.”

He’d lost track of the conversation somewhere between the gorgeous tits and sultry lips, but he didn’t much care. Shelly’s soft laughter tumbled through his jumbled mixture of shock and excitement. Fucking woman loved to shake things up—and damn if he wasn’t ready for whatever she was about to dish out tonight.

Nailing the Boss by Katie Blu

Billy Galan collected the papers and clips his assistant had just dropped all over the floor. Again. Poor kid was something of a mess. He shook his head while she continued to babble apologies. Thinly carpeted concrete bit into his kneecap through tailored slacks.

He reached for a paper that had fallen toward the aisle when his gaze snagged on an approaching pair of legs. Long, slim and toned, he could tell they were smooth and silky by the muted gleam of polished skin. She probably took long moisturizing baths with gentle cream rubdowns. Dear God, it made his cock twitch.

Billy’s gaze traveled down, not missing an inch of high-arched, delicate foot wrapped in candy-apple-red leather. A thin strap across her instep served no other purpose than to tease the flesh as it skimmed across, kissing her translucent skin and mocking him by doing so. Three inches lifted her heel, forcing her ankle to flex and delineating every rise and dip of the small bones and pushing her lean calf into a tight swell.

He’d know those long legs anywhere. He grinned as he sat back on his heels and blindly handed the wayward paper to his waiting assistant.

The red shoes pivoted and long fluid strides brought the sensual stems to Billy. He barely kept from cupping one slim ankle and dragging his palm up her calf.

“Morning, boss,” Billy drawled.

His gaze rose slowly, taking in the full effect of short, straight skirt at mid-thigh. She stood with her legs slightly parted, drawing the black fabric tightly against her firm, round thighs and making him think about the folds hidden in the shadow between them, just out of sight.

Would it be too much to hope for commando? Maybe a lacy thong he could hook his finger on, and draw aside for a leisurely lick. He nearly groaned.

Tanya squatted expertly, keeping her lovely knees together and letting her tight black skirt define the sweet curve of her ass. “Enjoying the view from down here?”

It was difficult, but he managed to drag his eyes away from her open neckline and exposed cleavage to ruby-colored lips and sexy bedroom eyes of soft green. She lifted one artful arch.

Take Me at the Ball Game by Cassandra Carr

JT Lovejoy looked out over the baseball field, still lit from the game tonight, with its crosscut grass and cleat marks forged in the dirt around the bases. The home team he covered for the local newspaper had just squeaked out an 11th-inning win and he’d been lucky to make his deadline—working so late he was now alone in the press box. His fingers were cramped and he could use a beer.

Too bad they don’t let us drink in the press box. Would make for some interesting stories for the paper.

JT was about to pack up his computer when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see the team’s public relations intern, Sydney, standing just inside the door. His cock began to harden as he took in the tight team polo shirt stretched across tits he’d dreamed about more than once and a flippy little black skirt that made him wish for one of those under-the-skirt cameras so he could see what was hidden underneath. She tucked a strand of her long brown hair behind her ear and smiled. It was anything but innocent.

“Hi, JT. I saw the lights on but wasn’t sure anyone was up here.”

Sure you weren’t, honey.

They’d been flirting for weeks now and JT decided then and there to do something about it. “Yep, still here. Just turned in my assignment.”

“You, um, got everything you need?”

He raised an eyebrow.

What an opening…

“As a matter of fact, no.”

“Oh? Can I get you something else? Wait, you sent in your story already, though, right? You must have.”

“My story isn’t what I was talking about…”

What I need is you. Your tits, your pussy…

Sydney’s brow furrowed. Was she really this obtuse? JT would bet not. “Another feature?”

“Sort of.” He motioned her closer. “Come here and I’ll tell you.”

Her gaze darted to the closed door just behind her. “All right.”

She approached and he gripped the arms of the chair to keep himself from reaching for her. Sydney sat in one of the adjacent chairs and leaned forward a little, almost as if she were offering herself to him.

Hopefully she will before long.

He took a deep breath and went for it, staring out the window at the now darkened field.

“You’re what I need.”


“Yeah. Under me, on top of me, hell, side by side is fine…” He checked to see if she looked repulsed or about to slap him, but all she did was lick her lips. Images of those lips tightened around his cock flooded his sex-deprived mind.

“That’s pretty forward.”

“I’m a forward kinda guy,” he lied and held his breath.

Her eyes darted down to his lap and when she looked back up he could see the heat in them. “Well, we can’t have you needing something and not getting it, now, can we?”

JT tried to speak but a sound that could barely be classified as a croak was all he could force out as she slid off the chair and fell to her knees.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Erotic Tales for Men Will it work?

On January 11, 2012 Ellora's Cave will be launching the new men's line. These stories are written from the male POV and basically feature no romance, or very little. Not like you'd find in most traditional erotic stories. It concentrates mostly on the physical relationship.

I have a short story releasing in that line on that day. Less Talk, More Action

Here's the question. Do you think men will buy erotic stories?

Today I participated in a chat at Whip Cream Reviews with two other authors debuting stories in that line on the 11th. Two very talented authors. Cassandra Carr and Cara Carnes. You should check out some of their books. AWESOME!

A lot of curiosity about this line. The thing is, I'm just as curious because I don't know where it will go either. Now, I'm sure Ellora's Cave has done sufficient research before launching it, so they must believe it will work. Some very valid points were brought up during the chat. Men will buy Playboy and similar magazines and watch porn, but will they read an erotic story?

What do you think?

I'm going with yes, some will. I'm thinking there are some closet readers out there who will enjoy a well written story without all the heavy relationship scenarios. I also believe there are women who will buy the stories for their men. Why not? It could turn into a nice little game of foreplay, right? I mean, read him a hot story from the male point of view and, well, grab the fire extinguisher cause things are gonna start smoking.

I'd like to hear your opinion. Would your man read an erotic story targeted toward him?

We'll give it a few weeks, see how the releases go and what kind of feedback we get and then we'll chat about this again. How's that sound?