Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the end is here....

After two weeks of watching the winter Olympics, I must say I'm olympiced out, but... they were great games. My favorite thing about the Olympics, the stories behind the athletes. If you aren't moved by some of the stories, well, maybe you aren't moved by much of anything. These amazing people show that will and hard work can accomplish anything. We could all take lessons from some of these people. Oh, and by the way, did anyone but me notice that some of the ages of these medal winners was over the age of twenty? YEAH! I think this was the best Olympics ever. Not sure what it holds in four years but let's hope Russia can pull it off.

Okay, today was a good day, even though the U.S. lost the hockey game. I spent about three hours alone today, no one home but me and I wrote. I knocked out a good chapter in the current WIP. It was a hard chapter to write and I'll go back over it to make sure my readers will feel every bit of emotion I intend. Fawn, my heroin, had a bad day, very bad and it isn't over yet. Things are coming to a head for her. The stress of military life and this unique relationship she's so desperately trying to convince herself doesn't exist is breaking her. The question is, will she make it through the next thirteen days of her tour sane, or will she break?
Tune in to find out more.......

Things are really rolling with this story, better than I expected. I do wish I had someone to look it over as I write, You know, just to make sure its making sense in written word as it makes sense in my head. Going back and reading it doesn't always work for me. I know what its supposed to say so I read it the way I know it should be even though it isn't. Does that make sense? Oh well, it does to me.

Okay, that does it for me for a while.

Fawn is calling to get her through the rest of her hellish day and I might have to do it or dream about it all night. Kid's don't like a grumpy, didn't get any sleep last night mom, on a school morning.

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Three chapters down today on the new WIP! ( Still don't have a title yet but have something in the back of my mind ) Up to chapter 11 and cruising. I have to set the timer on my oven so I don't forget to do things that need done. I get so caught up in my make believe world that time slips away and before I know it, every one's looking at me going "Where's dinner?" Yikes. That doesn't look good when you forget to feed you family.

Right now is a good time. The story is flowing, the characters are cooperating and the writing is coming easily. I love when it all comes together. I hope it continues to the end, but I'm a realist. Things will slow, as they always do and I'll have to take a break to gather some steam.

So, I have a virtual book tour coming up in April for my book Black Smoke and the local bookstore wants me to schedule a book signing. All this makes me VERY nervous. I'm not the kind of person that likes to push myself out in front of people, but, I suppose you have to if you want people to read your work. I'll post info when things are solid about dates and all.

Only five more days left in the All Romance eBooks 28 Days of Heart. Jump in, look around and check out my short story Country Loving. Your purchase benefits a great cause. If you like the story, please, drop me a line and let me know.It's nice to hear someone like your hard work once in a while.

Okay, time to pack it in for the night.

Happy Reading..........

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happily Ever Afters

I read an article today that basically stated there are no happily ever afters in relationships. Well, I beg to differ. This is just my opinion mind you, but there seem to be plenty of happily ever afters happening around the world. Maybe they don't fit into the mold that this particular person has for an HEA, I don't know but I for one found my Happy. Was it easy getting here, hell no, but then nothing worth having is easy, right? The struggle just makes the end result that much more sweet.

Anyway, Fawn, Shane and Luke are beginning to discover their complex relationship and as happens with any relationship its getting rocky. Will Fawn straighten everybody out or will she rethink their situation? So many possiblities.

I'd like to be further along in the story but life tends to step in and say "Hey, get your nose out of that laptop and do something with your family." Not a hardship. I adore my family. They have all been so supportive and excited for me since Black Smoke hit print. I'm proud to say we're a tight unit, celebrating each others accomplishments and being there when something doesn't work out the way we'd like. Even with all the fighting the kids do when it comes down to it they stand for each other and nothing could make me more proud.

Well, off to enjoy my happily ever after and rub it in the face of the sour person that claims they don't exist.

Happy Reading!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Writing, Writing, Writing

Okay, so we didn't get the snow they called for last night. That's cool. Just a dustying compared to what we expected. I can live with that.

I spent a few hours today working on my WIP. I had to go back and rewrite some of the last chapter. This crucial moment for my three characters took a wrong turn and I had to put them back on track. It happens. Sometimes they get a little pushy and I have to push back, but, I have them headed on the right track now and we're all good.

Writing tonight isn't going to happen. Two of the three children aren't getting along tonight, which is pretty much normal, but tonight is really bad. They have my head pounding and I don't do well when my head hurts this bad. So, a little Olympics and then off to bed.

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Have a good evening everyone.

Happy Reading!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting geared up for more snow

They're calling for more snow in our area tonight, not much, about 3 - 6 inches. Just a little annoying, nothing more.
I've been enjoying the Olympics since Friday. I do love to watch the Olympics, mostly for the personal stories behind the athletes. You never fail to find a story that touches the heart or makes you step back and say, wow, what the hell am I complaining about. I was impressed with the opening cermonies. I loved the poet, and right now his name escapes me, but Wow, blew me away.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Well, we finally got our snow storm and that means the kids were home from school today so no writing happened. I can usually go a day without writing but if I don't get to do any two day's in a row, the voices in my head get really loud and annoying.

I did go out and sled ride with the kids. My butt was numb, my legs stung they were so cold, the wind blew the sleds around if we weren't holding on good and tight, oh, and our big baby German Shepard thought it was fun to attack us as we slid down the hill. I HAD A BLAST! My kids made me laugh so hard I thought the tears would freeze on my face. And, since we're a racing family we couldn't just slide down the hill like normal people, NOOOOOO, we RACED! One of those days you remember forever.

They already have a two hour delay in the morning so that means my day will be thrown off a bit but hopefully I'll get to write a few thousand words after they're safely off to school. Of course Valentine's day is Friday and that means going into the elementary school to help with the class party. So, no writing Friday.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Country Loving Releases

Today's the Day!! Country Loving, a short steamy story about a farmer and a city girl, releases today at All Romance eBooks Twenty-Eight Days of Heart.

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

YaY! We missed the worst of the snow storm. Only ended up with a few inches when just down the road they over nine. That's okay, they can keep it. Still, I went out and shoveled our driveway and nearly froze my finger off. These freezing cold temps can go away any time now.

Anyway, let's see. I have a new WIP going. No title for it yet, but I don't get hung up on titles until I finish the script. Would you like some insight on the story?

First we have Fawn Corson, a kick ass, power house woman that is a Lt. in the Army. Her daily life in Afghanistan consists of defusing I.E.D's. I know, your saying women don't do that kind of job. DEAL WITH IT! That's why they call it fiction. Okay, back to the story. Along with being a "Blaster" she's also a sniper. Something she doesn't tell her teammates until the need to take down a terroist arises.

Her team. Hawes, controlled, reserved, a mass of tension in a solidly packed body of muslce.

Burg, quick tempered, full of energy, always on the move and built like brick wall.

Fawn tries not to become attached to her two protective soldiers but they draw her in. Becoming attached isn't smart, not for a person in her field, and for Fawn being with two incredibly handsome, sexy men is dangerous. The control she's successfully kept on her carnal, lusty desires since arriving in Afghanistan is slipping.

Fawn discovered early in life that her desires ran hotter than most and couldn't be satisfied emotionally or physically by one lover. Finding two men to fulfill her needs has become a challange that frustrates her.

She wonders if Burg and Hawes could fulfill her in ways no others could. The question is, are the two best friends willing to share something so intimate together?

Okay, that's the jist of the story. The outline could change as it often does and the characters decide they want to take different paths.

This story will be packed with action, hot sex and some intrigue, a basic contemporary as where all my other stories have been paranormal. I go with my gut when the idea's hit and so far things have gone well.

I'll try to keep the storyline updated as I write in case Fawn, Burg and Hawes decided to change things.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wow! I can't believe it took me so long to get back to my blog. Life has gotten so hectic I just can't seem to find time to squeeze it in.

So here's what's happened latelty.
My first erotic book released from Ellora's Cave entitled Soulless.

All Romance eBooks accepted a short story of mine for their Twenty-Eight Days of Heart. They chose twenty-eight stories, one to release every day of the month. All proceeds go the American Heart ASsoc. Not only is it my first short story but I'm in the company of some awesome authors. I don't feel worthy.
The story is Country Loving and is also erotic. (I'm having fun writing erotic)

My very first book Black Smoke is now in print! Happy Dance, butt shake, whoop whoop!
Right now its available at Cerridwen Press but will be available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

I'm in print!!!!! My dream!!