Sunday, February 28, 2010

And the end is here....

After two weeks of watching the winter Olympics, I must say I'm olympiced out, but... they were great games. My favorite thing about the Olympics, the stories behind the athletes. If you aren't moved by some of the stories, well, maybe you aren't moved by much of anything. These amazing people show that will and hard work can accomplish anything. We could all take lessons from some of these people. Oh, and by the way, did anyone but me notice that some of the ages of these medal winners was over the age of twenty? YEAH! I think this was the best Olympics ever. Not sure what it holds in four years but let's hope Russia can pull it off.

Okay, today was a good day, even though the U.S. lost the hockey game. I spent about three hours alone today, no one home but me and I wrote. I knocked out a good chapter in the current WIP. It was a hard chapter to write and I'll go back over it to make sure my readers will feel every bit of emotion I intend. Fawn, my heroin, had a bad day, very bad and it isn't over yet. Things are coming to a head for her. The stress of military life and this unique relationship she's so desperately trying to convince herself doesn't exist is breaking her. The question is, will she make it through the next thirteen days of her tour sane, or will she break?
Tune in to find out more.......

Things are really rolling with this story, better than I expected. I do wish I had someone to look it over as I write, You know, just to make sure its making sense in written word as it makes sense in my head. Going back and reading it doesn't always work for me. I know what its supposed to say so I read it the way I know it should be even though it isn't. Does that make sense? Oh well, it does to me.

Okay, that does it for me for a while.

Fawn is calling to get her through the rest of her hellish day and I might have to do it or dream about it all night. Kid's don't like a grumpy, didn't get any sleep last night mom, on a school morning.

Happy Reading!!!!!!!!

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