Saturday, February 6, 2010

YaY! We missed the worst of the snow storm. Only ended up with a few inches when just down the road they over nine. That's okay, they can keep it. Still, I went out and shoveled our driveway and nearly froze my finger off. These freezing cold temps can go away any time now.

Anyway, let's see. I have a new WIP going. No title for it yet, but I don't get hung up on titles until I finish the script. Would you like some insight on the story?

First we have Fawn Corson, a kick ass, power house woman that is a Lt. in the Army. Her daily life in Afghanistan consists of defusing I.E.D's. I know, your saying women don't do that kind of job. DEAL WITH IT! That's why they call it fiction. Okay, back to the story. Along with being a "Blaster" she's also a sniper. Something she doesn't tell her teammates until the need to take down a terroist arises.

Her team. Hawes, controlled, reserved, a mass of tension in a solidly packed body of muslce.

Burg, quick tempered, full of energy, always on the move and built like brick wall.

Fawn tries not to become attached to her two protective soldiers but they draw her in. Becoming attached isn't smart, not for a person in her field, and for Fawn being with two incredibly handsome, sexy men is dangerous. The control she's successfully kept on her carnal, lusty desires since arriving in Afghanistan is slipping.

Fawn discovered early in life that her desires ran hotter than most and couldn't be satisfied emotionally or physically by one lover. Finding two men to fulfill her needs has become a challange that frustrates her.

She wonders if Burg and Hawes could fulfill her in ways no others could. The question is, are the two best friends willing to share something so intimate together?

Okay, that's the jist of the story. The outline could change as it often does and the characters decide they want to take different paths.

This story will be packed with action, hot sex and some intrigue, a basic contemporary as where all my other stories have been paranormal. I go with my gut when the idea's hit and so far things have gone well.

I'll try to keep the storyline updated as I write in case Fawn, Burg and Hawes decided to change things.

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