Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Well, we finally got our snow storm and that means the kids were home from school today so no writing happened. I can usually go a day without writing but if I don't get to do any two day's in a row, the voices in my head get really loud and annoying.

I did go out and sled ride with the kids. My butt was numb, my legs stung they were so cold, the wind blew the sleds around if we weren't holding on good and tight, oh, and our big baby German Shepard thought it was fun to attack us as we slid down the hill. I HAD A BLAST! My kids made me laugh so hard I thought the tears would freeze on my face. And, since we're a racing family we couldn't just slide down the hill like normal people, NOOOOOO, we RACED! One of those days you remember forever.

They already have a two hour delay in the morning so that means my day will be thrown off a bit but hopefully I'll get to write a few thousand words after they're safely off to school. Of course Valentine's day is Friday and that means going into the elementary school to help with the class party. So, no writing Friday.

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OH, OH, I almost forgot. I got my copy of my first print book Black Smoke. The thrill of holding your work in the palm of your hands is unbelievable. I do hope there will be more to come.
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