Monday, June 27, 2011

Cover Contest Results and Mini Review of Return to Delight

Okay, so last month I was pushing everyone over to cover cafe to vote for 2010 book covers. Tempest's Gift was a finalist. Today the results were posted and Tempest came in 7. Am I disappointed. Yep, but more so for the awesome cover designer Reese Dante. She had two covers up. Fallen came in 5 and Tempest 7. I was really hoping she picked up first for one of them. What talent. Not to worry. Reese has won many contests with her designs and will continue to with her unique eye. I love ya Reese.

Today I was starving for a quick read and Black Raven reviews posted a recommended read for fellow author Regina Carlysle. The book. Return to Delight. So, I popped on over to Ellora's Cave and downloaded it for a piddly 4.95.

Here's what I thought about this story.


This scrumptious Texan tale is loaded with scorching sex scenes and love that never died over time. Cooper loved Harely so completely that he was willing to put his heart on the line and risk breaking it into a zillion pieces to try to win her love. And, when all hope looked lost he gave it one last ditch effort. What woman could walk away from a sexy rancher willing to risk it all for her? I sure as hell couldn't.

If you want a great quick read that will curl your toes check out Regina Carlysle's Return to Delight here Regina assures me we'll be hearing more from the men of Delight, Texas. And boy, I can't wait.

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