Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm all shivery with excitement...

Well, today was good, great in fact. I had two winners for the contest at my cyber launch party for Marauder yesterday. I do hope the ladies enjoy Country Loving.
AND I got a fabulous, wonderful, spectacular review for Marauder.

I read through Marauder in record time—for me. I loved Robin Leigh Miller’s crisp, refreshing flow in this modern twist. Road Pirates. Everything about Strafe is different from the lover she once knew, and Priscilla has to decide if she wants the new him. Still the relationship between Strafe and Priscilla is my favorite in a long time, simply because it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s sexy. It’s also new as they have to get acquainted with the other, learn and discover each other in a totally new way. That’s amazing to watch as these tough, headstrong characters give in to their carnal desires. I loved the sex scenes. The pictures Ms. Miller painted of those two were vivid and in great detail from Riva at The Readers Roundtable

Please stop by their site and read the rest of the review.

Thank you, Riva!!!

There are some other great reviews on this site as well. Oh, and if you're easily offended by pictures of hard bodied, sexy, drop dead gorgeous men, don't look at the top of the page. I'm still trying to cool down. Hey, I'm not dead. I can look.

So, I'm working on new WIP and I'm at a critical point. The first (whispers) sex scene. I had to stop writing it today because I had to take my oldest to the doctor. Hopefully after everyone goes to bed tonight I can hit it hard. Oh my, that could mean two things, anywho, when I write my sex scenes I like to do it in one shot without being interrupted. (snicker) Okay, enough of that.

So, my oldest son turns 16 tomorrow and tonight while he's sleeping I'll decorate his room with streamers and balloons so when he wakes up, booyah, he's met with a celebration. After school my hubby is taking him to take his drivers permit test. (Gulp) My baby's growing up. I'm having a harder time dealing with his birthday than I ever did with any of mine.

Okay, time to get busy and I believe some one's thinking about sex...OK it's me!

Have a good one everyone...

Happy reading...

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