Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cyber Launch Party Tomorrow and a chance to win one of my back list!!!

Okay everyone. Tomorrow is my cyber launch party for Marauder. (the book cover is over to the right, ain't it cool) Stop by for a chance to win Country Loving, a short story about two childhood friends rediscovering each other. Now, this got some rave reviews at www.allromanceebooks.com (they also released the story)
go to www.cyberlaunchparty.blogspot.com
Come on people. Let's make this a big turn out. Ask questions, I answer.

Want to check out Country Loving? Go to www.allromanceebooks.com search under author, that would Robin Leigh Miller and click. All my books will show up, click on Country Loving and read the blurb and excerpt. And if your so inclined you can check out all the other books as well.

Here's a secret. Leave a comment or question and if you don't win Country Loving from the Launch Party you'll have a second chance. Leave a little message saying you read my blog and I'll toss your name in for a second drawing. Sound good?

Okay, let's get this all straight.
Tomorrow you go to www.cyberlaunchparty.blogspot.com
Leave a comment or question
mention you read my blog
and you have two chances to win Country Loving.

Happy dance and clapping hands!!!!
Thank you in advance for your support.

Now, on a side note.
Did anyone hear about the self published author who had a melt down yesterday after a reviewer gave her, what she considered an unfair review? Whoa, talk about mental break. She dropped the F bomb twice responding to other's comments. Now, as an author you simply have to accept you will not please everyone all the time. It doesn't happen, ever! But, acting like an insane twit does nothing to help your cause. I checked out her page on Amazon and wow, the world reacted with a deluge of negative responses.

I try to always thank anyone who took the time to read my book even if they didn't like it.

Okay, I had to say that. It just blew me away how this woman reacted.

Have a great one everybody, don't forget the Cyber Launch Party tomorrow and remember a hard on doesn't count as personal growth.

Happy Reading!

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