Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marauder has pulled out onto the highway and is ready to burn up the asphalt.

Hey everybody. Okay, Okay, I know, I haven't posted to my blog for a while. (blush) but I've been busy. WRITING! And today I have exciting news.

My modern day pirate story released today at Ellora's Cave. I love the cover, but then I love all my covers. It's a short novel in Ellora's Cave AHOY!series.

Here's the buy site in case you'd like to pop over and read an excerpt.

In other news, just a little FYI, most of my books can now be purchased at Barnes & Nobles, Borders, Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and Sony digital ereader store.

I've been finding some of my books showing up on pirate sites. Now, these type of pirates aren't sexy at all. They harm the publishing world and the authors they steal from. Our ability to be published is based on sales numbers, and if our books are being given away freely, we don't get contracts. So, if you come across any authors being pirated, please, contact the publisher and supply the url where the book is being given away. Together, we can protect our favorite authors and keep them employed for our enjoyment.

So, that's my public service announcement for today. All kidding aside, this is a real devastating issue that needs to be watched carefully. You'll probably hear me rant about this more over time, but until we eliminate book pirating, I'll be obliged to continue.

Now, on a happier note, how's every one's spring going so far?
Mine pretty much sucks since it hasn't exactly arrived. A week into spring and I'm outside shoveling 7 inches of snow. That's just not right. I'm tired of shoveling. I want to walk with a warm breeze kicking up my hair. I wanna play outside with my kids. I'm getting a serious case of cabin fever. How about you?

Okay, I guess that's all I have to inform you about. Guess I'll get ready for the season premier of Fact of Faked. I love that show, especially when they find something they can't prove is fake. I do so love the unknown and unexplainable.

Have a good one everybody and as always..........

Happy Reading!

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