Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Contest!!

In conjunction with Author Island, I'm having another contest.
This time you get the chance to win a signed copy of my very first release
Black Smoke.
Go to or and click on contests and scroll through until you find the contest for Marauder. Read the directions and the next thing you know you're entered.
Very easy!

Contest ends May 1, 2011.

On a personal note, today was great. My oldest son turned 16, he passed his drivers permit test and the family went out for dinner. We ate, laughed and had a very pleasant meal as a family. Since the birthday cake is tomorrow, we had birthday pie. YUM.

I only got to work a little on the WIP today, but what little I did feels good. Hopefully I get to write some tomorrow.
This chapter I'm writing is a big first step for my characters. It needs to throw them into a whirlwind of confusion about themselves and each other. I hope I nail it.

So, until next time my fellow readers...

Happy reading.

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