Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dead eyes starring at you!

Okay, so I go to my chiropractor this morning to get my overly tight muscles thoroughly worked out. (They say I carry ever bit of tension and stress in my shoulders and neck which leads to jaw clenching which leads to teeth breaking which leads to regular visits to the dentist which leaves Robin even more stressed since I'm one of those dentist phobes. What a mess.) Anyway, he finds every tender sore spot I have, sticks his finger it until the muscle gives and starts to relax and then when he's done torturing me, puts me in another room with this nifty little table that I'd like to have at home.

This table has a roller in it that works its way up and down your spine and feels like a mini massage.

So I'm lying there and I look around the room and it hits me. I'm being watched by 10 dead dear heads and two bear skins. My chiropractor is a big hunter and apparently ran out of room in his home to store his trophies, I don't know. I start feeling a little creeped out. All these empty, vacant eyes are pointed right at me, watching.

(shiver) Now, I'm not against hunting in the least. I grew up in a rural area, currently live in a rural area and know the people who hunt don't do it simply for the sport, they use the meat they kill.My husbands family is big into hunting and I've sampled plenty of the vitals they cook up. Some I love, some not so much. But they use it and what they don't use they give to people who need it.

Oh, and let's not forget population control.Have you ever seen a starving wild animal? It's heart breaking. I just wish they'd make turkey season longer because I'm tired of having to wait for the dumb birds to stop freaking out in the middle of the road and move on. Sheesh! One turkey panics and they all panic running around in circles like nuts.

So, back to the main point here. I simply got a little goose pimply over all these dead, vacant eyes watching me. I couldn't help the beginning of a story conjuring up in my head. What if these stuffed heads started to move? What if those eyes blinked and became hungry for vengeance? The racks on these things, and I do mean horns, are impressive and could do some serious damage if the animal plunged them into soft flesh.

Imagine being skewered through the gut at the doctor's office, flopping around helplessly as your life blood drains away and each deer head takes a turn ramming it's pointy horn into another part of your body. All the while those dead eyes starring at you, laughing. How does it feel? You mind your own business, graze for your daily nourishment and then find yourself cut to pieces, your body consumed and your head hung on a wall.

And what about the bear's? Their heads aren't as big but have you ever seen the teeth on those suckers? (double shiver) Nasty! The furry, lumbering animal is foraging for food and the next thing he knows he's on the floor of some one's home, his fur being walked on by bare human feet. How degrading.

Like I said, I have nothing against hunting at all and I probably wouldn't have noticed if one or maybe even two deer heads were hanging there. But come on!! 10!
10 sets of lifeless eyes all aimed at you, that's unnerving.

So, those are my thoughts for the day.

Oh, and a warm loving HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son! The big 13. (sigh) Two teenagers in the house now. I feel old age lurking in the shadows ready to dig it's nasty hateful claws into me and drag me down. I'm not going without a fight. Hear me old age? I'm fighting every step of the way.

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Have a good one everybody and happy reading........

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