Monday, April 4, 2011

Were's, Vamps, Witches, Dragons..What a wonderful world!!

Yesterday I treated myself to an afternoon of reading. My book of choice?
Angela Knight's Master of Smoke from the Mageverse Novels.

If you haven't read any of Angela Knight's Mageverse Novels, you don't know what you're missing. What she's done with ancient legend concerning King Arthur and Knights of the Round table is fantabulous!!!

In Master of Smoke she's taken a woman attacked and changed by a werewolf and paired her with a "man" who is made up of a werecat, a god, and an ancient being. Wow, talk about a man who has it all and good looks and chiseled body to go with it.

Watching Eva and Smoke defeat evil and discover each other is wonderful. Eva is, well, remarkable. Think about it. Could you easily fall for a man who is made up of three different personalities? I mean, that's what it is when you come down to it. Three beings inhabiting one body. And Smoke has to hope she accepts them all.

On top of dealing with a man she wants beyond understanding, Eva has to juggle a multitude of lies she's forced to tell her family about him and herself. I loved the way Angela Knight brought Eva's family into the story. Acceptance and trust is a foundation every relationship should have whether it be from a lover, a husband, wife or mother and father. You feel like you're standing right there with Eva as she struggles to keep her family safe by revealing a horrible secret that could either turn them away or bring them closer.

Master of Smoke is an awesome book for those who love scifi and romance mixed together. I've read all the Mageverse novels and eagerly wait for the next installment. With each story the Mageverse becomes more real filled with beings who can look beyond the physical and see inside where true happiness exists.

Angela Knight's ability to create worlds that exist along side ours is phenomenal. I've read all her works and every time I'm swept away into a universe that wraps me up and holds me a happy hostage until the very last page.

As you can see I'm not a professional reviewer. This is just my humble opinion of an awesome book in an incredible series filled with unbelievable imagination and a fix for my need to be taken away from the strains of everyday life. I bow to your greatness Angela Knight. Keep 'em coming.

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