Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Third Day of Virtual Tour

Sooo, my guest blog didn't show up on Literily Speaking today. Don't know what happened but, oh well. You can still stop by Night Owl Romance and read that blog AND, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you could win a copy of Black Smoke. I'm getting great comments from readers and I try to respond to them. If you've left a comment at Night Owl and I haven't reponded, please accept my apology. I can't get into the blog as often as I like.

I was supposed to have an interview up at but I just checked and it's there now. Apparently it went up today instead of my guest blog. Okay, maybe I'm not reading my schedual right. I'll have to recheck that.

So, stop by and check out the interview. Please and Thank you!

Have a good evening everyone and as always....

Happy reading.......

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