Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday nights exhausting fun?!

Wow, ya know in my last post I said I was trying not to let my nerves get to me Friday while I waited to haul my son to the race track and set him lose in his first race of the season, well, IT DIDN'T WORK!!!

I was fine all afternoon, made sure everything was packed in the truck and ready so when the kids got off the school bus, we were ready to go. Then we got in the truck and began the hour drive to the track. Within 15 min. my stomach started a break dance routine that had me doubled over. Eating was out of the question, not just for me but for hubby and the son as well. The other two were quit content to torment and tease and loudly complain that they were hungry. After several attempts to tell them I would feed them when we got there, they calmed a bit, not much but they at least stopped complaining about being hungry.

We get there, pull in, get out of the truck and wham, we're hit with the lovely fresh smell of the surrounding farm fields that have been freshly fertilized with manure. BLAH!!!! Now, I'm a farm girl, I know what manure smells like and it doesn't usually take me long to get used to it. Friday night, however, was different. My nerves were snapping and popping, my stomach was rolling and pinching and this wonderful fresh country air only served to make me nauseous.

I powered on. We unloaded the car, got every thing ready and then I fed my two forever starving children. Ugh, watching them eat was not fun.

After my son goes out and does his warm ups,(laps to just get the car heated and the driver in the zone) I settle a little. We were blessed by the arrival of some good friends which served to further calm my nerves.

Next up, the kid goes out for his heat race. (short race to determine where he starts in the main race) Well, I can now say I think I know what the dust bowl was like. The track sucked. By the second lap thick dust filled the air and obstructed our vision horribly. So now I'm freaking out worrying my kid isn't going to be able to see and he'll drive into someone or someone will drive into him. As the evening lugs on, it gets worse. By the time my kid goes out for his main race, I wanted to throw up, bad!

Two laps into the race we couldn't see where he was or what he was doing. The dust was so damn thick you saw nothing and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing but thick red dust.

With only a few laps to go, son pulls off the track. Apparently we don't have the car dialed in yet and he was struggling to keep the car on the track. Now I can finally breathe, if the freaking dust would let up enough to let me.

Let me tell you, by the time we got home I felt like I'd run a marathon, been up for five days straight and had been worked over by a sumo wrestler and hadn't bathed in a year. My age is showing and that just pisses me off.

Anyway, we survived the night with the car intact, the kid frustrated and mother wondering if she'll live through this summer. My poor husband will be so gray by the end of this season I won't even recognize him.

Here's the stats. Son started 18th and finished 13th. Not a bad night with a car that didn't want to cooperate and a track that you should be planting potatoes in instead of driving on.

Did I have fun? Bet your ass I did. There's nothing like dirt trackin'.

Dirts for racin' asphalts for gettin' there.

So, now I can concentrate on the WIP until next Friday and hope all my other reviews for Black Smoke show up this week. Until then......

Happy reading......

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