Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Virtual Tour Information and a chance to win a book

Okay, so yesterday started my Virtual Tour for Black Smoke. Today I guest blog at Night Owl Romance www.nightowlromanceblog.blogspot.com My topic, inside Black Smoke. If you stop by and leave a comment you could win a free copy of Black Smoke. Please stop by and leave a comment.(she says batting her eyelashes with her lower lip sticking out)

Tomorrow I guest blog at Literarily Speaking. Each blog covers a different topic so check them all out. www.literarilyspeaking.net

Can I just say my nerves are crackling over this tour. I had no idea I would be so nervous. It's hard for me to put myself out there like this. It helps that this is our busy season with our business so, I'm helping my husband as much as I can in our machine shop. It takes my mind off the nerves. Still, I want my tour to be sucessful and sell hundreds of books but at the same time I hate being so open. I'm sure over time I'll become more comfortable.

Please keep checking to see my tour information.

Happy reading......

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