Friday, April 16, 2010

The Cajun Book Lady Rocks!!!!

I'll admit, I'm not an avid blog follower. I pop in and out of blogs to see what's going on but don't faithfully read many. Well, I found one I'm going to follow. The Cajun Book Lady does reviews of all kinds of books and today she reviewed Black Smoke.

I knew it was coming and have spent the last couple of days sweating and worrying about it. All the other reviews of Black Smoke came from romance review sites. The Cajun Book Lady reviews everything.

I get up this morning turn on my computer and begin the pacing and what if routine. Dumb, yes. Pointless, yes, but there you go, that's me. After the kids left for school at 7:30, I pull up the site and of course, she hasn't got it posted yet. I mean, what the heck was I thinking? It's 7:30 in the morning. The woman's a mother as well and has a life. Just because I'm freaking out over this doesn't mean she is. So after smacking myself in the head for being silly, I go run some errands and return about five hours later, pull up the site and quickly look away from the screen.

Agonizing moments pass as I work up the courage to read. I look at the screen and the first word I see is WOWZA! Okaaaay. Is that good or bad. Damn, now I have to read more to find out. As I read through the review tears well in my eyes and an unseen weight lifts from my shoulders. She likes it!!!!!

I won't repost her review because I don't know if I can, but I'll give you the addy to her site so you can read it. AWESOME REVIEW!!!!

Cajun Book Lady, you rule!!

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Kris said...

And you see....I even love your blog posts! LOL

You're more than welcome to repost the review here if you like. I'm about to go digging around in your blog to see what I can see. :)