Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pump Up Your Book Review for Black Smoke

As I'm nearing the end of my virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book, the reviews are rolling in. So far the score is 3 for 3. The latest review came from Pump Up Your Book.
This turned out to be a very in depth review and as I read through it a sense of accomplishment surged throughout my body. Now, I love when people like what I wrote and they were entertained and say they couldn't put the book down and they want more. Really, is there anything better? This reviewer, however, got it. Every nuance, every attempt I made to create real, everyday people in a not so everyday world. I actually sighed when I finished. It was like this person was in my head as I wrote the story. Let me tell you, after a fairly crappy morning, this made my day.

I wrote Black Smoke about 3 years ago having no idea what I was doing only wanting to create a tale that I thought would be entertaining. When Cerridwen Press accepted it, I was overjoyed beyond belief. At the same time, I was terrified of how it would be recieved. I'm a worrier by nature, constantly fretting about things I have no control over and it drives my husband nuts. After 21 years, I think he's gotten used to it, that or just ignores me, yeah, thats probably it. Who am I kidding.

When I found the first review for Black Smoke, I couldn't read it. All the what if's in the world crowded my head and made my hands shake. My husband looks at me with confusion and says, "Obviously its good or it wouldn't have been published."

Okay, so that makes me take a step back and think, for a moment. And then the worrying starts again. Well, I broke down and read the review and found out it had been chosen for a reviewers choice award. WOW!
Jump ahead 3 years later and I'm still recieving great reviews for the book. Now, I probably will never be a Nora Roberts, J R Ward or Lora Leigh but I'm completely happy with the fact that I wrote a story that people genuenily seem to love. Right out of the gate I hit a winner.

Worrying mode returns. Can I keep it up? That's what we'll all have to wait and see on. In the mean time, I thank everyone that's read Black Smoke and have let me know they love it. Those encouraging words are what push me to continue writing.

Have an awesome day everyone and as always......

Happy reading!

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