Sunday, March 14, 2010

Chaos has come to an end.....for now

Okay, after months of running from school to school, hundreds of rehearsals (Okay, it seemed like hundreds) it all came to an end this weekend.

My son's school play, Alice in Wonderland, was Friday night and I have to say, I was completely, totally, wonderfully impressed. Big talent from 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Their costumes and scenery were fantastic but the singing and acting, out of this world. My son played a card, the only boy in all the cards. It was his first shot at a school play and he really liked it so I'm hoping it gives it a shot next year.

My daughter's Odyssey of the Mind competition was Saturday. For those of you who don't know what Odyssey of the Mind is, the kids are put into groups, given a problem to solve through a skit. Another part of the competition is they are given a spontaneous question. They walk into a room with judges, are given a question and have two minutes to think and three minutes to fire off as many answers as they can. Ex. If you had a secret garden what would be in it and why would it be there.
Keep in mind, my daughters group is made up of 7 and 8 year olds.

Her group was given a "problem" of having a surprise party for something unusual they had to have an unusual noise maker, make up a song, create a party game, make their own props, costumes, everything had to be done by the girls, no assistance from parents, adults, older children, no one could do this but them. They had to set up their props put on their skit all under 8 minutes.

Out of 200 possible points, they rec'd 166.66 points. I still don't know how many points they rec'd for spontaneous, but from their score for their skit, if they were eligible for states, groups that young can't move on in competition, we would be preparing for state. So proud of the girls and their hard work.

Saturday was a long day for me and my husband, but we were so proud. Our group only had one coach so my husband and I helped keep and eye on the girls while other parents went to watch their other children's skits. Let me tell you, watching my husband deal with these 6 girls was hysterical. He was like a nervous hen. When we finally got home around 9 at night, he crashed hard. Poor guy, little girls kicked his butt. Still, I'm proud of him for going the extra mile.

So, maybe now I can get serious about my WIP. I'd really like to get it finished so I can do my edits. Wonder if I can finish it by the end of the week? Racing season starts in a couple of weeks and my oldest son is going to have our Friday nights used up. Well, Thursdays too because we need to have everything loaded and ready to go for when he gets home from school Friday afternoon.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm tired, my brain's used up for the day and losing an hour out of my day is going to create havoc for me in the morning. Kids won't want to get up and get moving for school.

Happy Reading..............

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