Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something I'd like everyone to check out

Just found out tonight my niece has a blog. Not surprising news, doesn't everyone have a blog? But, this one is different. See, my niece is 23, has been married for a year, is pregnant and has Cerebral Palsy. Her blog is about her journey through this pregnancy, her concerns, her trials and her hurdles. Anyone who's been pregnant can sympathize with the normal morning sickness, hormonal swings, etc. Now, add to that, that she isn't steady on her feet, doesn't walk well and is a tiny little thing. She weighs 94lbs and is 4'9" tall.

Really, I'm not just pushing this because she's my niece, I'm pushing this because it's interesting and humbling. I've had three children and not one of those pregnancies was FUN! Hers is going to be difficult but her attitude is remarkable. Anyway, check it out and keep your fingers crossed for her, her husband and their little "peanut". www.pregnantwithcp.blogspot.com

stop by and offer her encouragement, please.

Okay, got some work done on my WIP today. A pivotal chapter in the book. Tomorrow I plan on going back over that chapter and making sure the emotion rolls off the screen with such ferocity that my readers will be sobbing. That's the idea anyway. I need to do some writers research to make sure I'm getting those emotions across the way I want, need, too. I so want my characters to reach out grab people around the throat, shake them and make them believe these people could be your friends or neighbors. So, that being said..........I'm off....

Happy Reading..

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