Monday, May 31, 2010

Honor those who passed, thank those who still serve

Just a few thoughts about today, Memorial Day. Every day people, your neighbors, family, the farmer's son, the bankers daughter, the bus drivers nephew and the teachers niece, they've all felt the call to serve and protect our country. What calls them? What is it that compels these everyday people to put on a uniform, endure the hell and sometimes derogation of boot camp in some of the worst conditions imaginable? Yes, at one point most had no choice, drafted before they could make the simplest of decisions concerning their lives, while others gladly marched off to war without having to be summoned.

I think of these things often. I wonder what makes a man or woman choose military life over cooperate life. Is there a microscopic speck in our DNA that leads our soldiers on this journey as opposed to wrapping themselves up in a suit and tie and living the so called American dream?

I don't know the answer to this. What I do know is I'm eternally grateful for their service, dedication and sacrifice. Without the many who lay down their lives, we would not have the things we take for granted today. When I think about the disgraceful way our soldiers were treated when they returned from Nam, it sickens me, but when I see the names of the lost so beautifully inscribed on a polished black wall I know we've learned our lesson. Lessons we wouldn't have had the opportunity to learn without our brave soldiers.

So, today, I say a prayer for those who lost their lives defending the very freedoms people even today try to take away and say thank you to those still fighting, still sacrificing and still dying for our safety.

It doesn't matter if you believe in the cause. It doesn't matter what your political beliefs are. It all comes down to our country would not be our country without those who passed and those who still serve.

Thank you serving and retired soldiers. Thank you to their families who live their lives worrying and scraping together the fragments of time they share. Thank you for giving my children safety and security while you watch your children grow up through pictures.

Just one American citizen forever grateful.

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