Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dance for you Sex

On Friday March 9th a new erotic story is releasing at Ellora's Cave for the Men's Line

Dance for your Sex

Clay Bower has an insatiable appetite when it comes to his sexual pleasures. His women need to be wild and hot with stamina that matches his own. He’s not interested in relationships, now or in the future, and even the sexy banker with the quick blush can’t change his mind—not that she’s made any attempt to.

Imagine his surprise when he sees the hot banker on stage shaking assets she normally keeps neatly covered. Better yet, her attention is solely on him and when she hops off stage and gives him a personal dance, Clay’s blood boils. Turns out he doesn’t know the woman at all and she’s willing to teach him a few things.

Of course, these stories can and are enjoyed by many women, so don't be shy! Who doesn't want a little hot sex every now and then?

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