Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My first blog post

After asking advice from fellow authors about promoting myself, they all said the same thing.

Start a blog. So, here it is. Will I be able to keep up with it? Maybe. Will I run out of things to say? Nah, I have plenty to say, it's just a matter of getting people to listen.

So let me start by telling you a little about myself.

My name is Robin Leigh Miller and I'm an author. Wow, can't get used to putting my name along side the word author. It's a dream come true. I've always like telling stories, I just didn't think anyone would want to read them. Lucky for me Cerridwen Press thought differently. They gave me a shot and my first book Black Smoke released in March of 2007. Then my second book Force of Nature was released in June. Both have done well.

For those that read my first book, here's a news flash. The second book in the Black Smoke series, Boomer's Fall, is coming in 2008. The contract is all buttoned up, I'm simply waiting for the release date and ISBN #.

The third book is under construction now and tells Ricochet's story.

In February of 2008 my third book Running Blind will be released from Cerridwen Press.

I like kick ass people and love writing about them. But that isn't enough for me. I need a bit of a twist in my stories. So, mix in a little paranormal activity and I'm happy!

Do you like kick ass people? Ya know the type. The ones that push themselves to the next level sucking in life like there's no tomorrow.

Me, I got my first taste of adrenoline when I was 16 and ran my first race in a stock car at our local dirt track. One race and I was hooked. The competition, the thrill of competition, I loved every delicious, painful moment.

Yes, there was pain. I suffered third and fourth degree burns from a radiatior hose malfunction, and flipped my car down the front stretch of the track eight times. But ya know what? I wouldn't trade one single moment for anything. Racing led me to my husband of the last 18 years. We raced against each other in the same division. For nearly five years we barely spoke 10 words to each other every Saturday night. Then one day he asked me out. Three months later we were ingaged and seven months later we were married and it has been a rock your world, crazy life ever since.

Now we build motors for drivers. That's how we make our living. Yes, I said we. I can be found up to my neck in grease, pistons, cranks, cams, valves, heads, you name it I can put it where it belongs. I'm pretty darn good at taking them apart as well. Machine work is my specialty. There are a few machines my hubby would rather me work than himself, simply because he thinks I have more patients then him. Patients, that's a good one. I've never been patient a day in my life. But, what he doesn't know won't hurt him right?

So that's a little about my life. Business, three kids and my writing. It's one big party.

Now that racing season is over for the winter, yes it's winter here in my little cornor of the world, things have slowed a bit. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with my blog during those cold, windy, snowy days and nights. Can't promise anything when it's nice out, I'd rather be outside in the warmth than sitting inside.

I have lots of ideas about my blog, and hope I can remember them.

Stay tunned for more ramblings....

Until tomorrow...............................

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