Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day Two and I'm still here.

Okay, it's day two and here I sit ready to ramble away.

What miserable weather we woke up to in our little corner of the world. At 6:30 this morning it was an icy 9 degrees and warmed up to a balmy 27. YUK! The doors on the car were frozen shut. After commencing battle with them they opened only to dump a nice little pile of snow on my seat. Yeah!! It didn't matter how much brushing off I did, my butt still got wet and cold.

So off I went to take my mother for her daily walk around our local mall. See, two months ago she had surgery on her spine. The lumbar region was fused together and she needs to walk ever day to regain strength in her back. I enjoy our walks and have managed to complete most of my Christmas shopping while doing it. Then we sit in the Border's book store and have sinfully delicious coffee and sometimes a snack. Today it was a blueberry muffin. And of course, we peruse the book shelves. I really shouldn't do that. I could put myself in debt fast with all the books I want to read.

After a few hours working in our shop this afternoon I rushed off to pick my daughter up at school to take her to a doctors appointment.
Let's see, I stood in the freezing cold waiting for her, pushed, shoved and plowed into by a gaggle of elementary school students and she never came out. Now, if you're a mother and you've waited for your child and that child never shows up you can understand my quickly elevating anxiety. So I go in looking for her.
Well, she comes walking toward me, face all swelled, eyes all red from crying. Turns out she had a substitute teacher today and said teacher sent her out the wrong door. Poor kid, she was so scared. Not to mention ME!
I hurry her a block away to the car, bundle her in and her first question for me is "Am I going to get a shot?"
Oh boy, I try to be honest with her and say. "I'm not sure honey but if you do, be brave."
The next thing I know the water works start in a hysterical fashion. I spend the ten minute drive trying to calm her down and I'm proud to say, successful at it.
So we arrive at the building her doctor is in, walk across the parking lot and step onto the side walk and she does a nose dive on the curb.
Can this get any better? More tears, more hysteria and I'm about to join her.
Once again I succeed in calming her. We get into the office and she begins her exam.
Eyes first. They stand her a mile away from an eye chart and ask her to name the shapes. She's in kindergarten by the way.
Out of five shapes she gets confused on one. It's the shape of a tea cup, so the nurse asks her what kind of shape do you think it is?
My darling, cute little girl says. "It's a trapezoid."
How many kindergartners know that? She was right.
Well, guess what, she did get a shot. The nurse was great. She had her turn her head and start counting to five. Before my little girl got the word one out the needle was in and out and by the time she made five the bandage was on. WHoopie! NO TEARS! She looks at me and says, that didn't hurt a bit! God Bless nurses!!

So some good news came today. I got my third book cover. It is so awesome! I can't wait to post it but it needs to have a small change. Once that's made I'll put it up for all to see!!

As the release date grows closer I'll even post some excerpts from it.

That's all I have to say for not

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