Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer Is Over.. Schools in and writing commences

As a mother of three summer is a hectic time and the older my children get the more my time is limited to accomplish things. Here's the good news. I may not have been posting on my blog, but I did write and completed a story which is now in the hands of my editor. If you read SPLICED you may remember adorable, lovable Kevin Stone. Well, I had to write him a story with a fun, out of control woman who wrapped him up in knots and then unraveled him in the sexiest of ways.

I'm still waiting to hear from my editor and fingers crossed she likes it and offers a contract. The working title....MINE TO KILL

In the meantime, I'd like to ask my followers and readers to please do me a favor. If you've read my books, please, go to Amazon and click on the LIKE button. The more likes and author gets the more exposure they receive. I hate groveling like this, I really do, but I've discovered while I sit back and not make use of these advantages, others are pushing ahead and their sales are exploding.

So, I'm groveling.......(down on my knees, sad, puppy dog eyes) PLEASE, click the little LIKE button on Amazon so my books get more exposure. I would be forever grateful. And hey, if I get a up to 50 likes on each book, I think a give away is in order. Sound good?

And, if you're an author and LIKE my books, let me know. If I haven't already clicked the button for you, I'm more than happy to return the favor. Drop me a line, it's that easy.

So, until I hear from my editor, I'll be working on another story. Hopefully, I'll be popping in to write about upcoming events and possibly a release date.

Happy reading everyone.....

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