Saturday, August 13, 2011

Proud Mom Post

As our racing season begins to come to the end, our kid is stepping up his game. Over the last month he's been improving at a rapid pace. Last night he was two laps shy of winning his first feature win. With the drop of the green flag, Nathan jumped into the lead and held his position for 18 laps. As each lap ticked off, the dust got thicker in the air and with that comes visibility issues. Two laps to go he came out of the second turn and couldn't see where he was. Unfortunately, he was too high on the track and went off the back stretch cutting a tire and finishing his night.

Was he upset? Not really. He made a statement last night and showed his fellow drivers he's serious about his racing. The kid opened a lot of eyes and received cheers from the crowd. He's still learning and with each race comes a new lesson. Last night was one of them. His win will come and it will taste so much sweeter when it does.

On a another note, our second car driven by a good friend of ours did WIN! The 02 started in the rear of the field and came up to second as the two lap signal was given. It looked like we'd have a one - two finish, but things happen and the 02 brought home the win.

All in all a great night for the Miller Racing crew. We all had fun and that's why we're in the sport.

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