Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Did You Feel That?

What an interesting day. I felt my very first earthquake this afternoon. A very freaky sensation to say the least. Since I've never experienced an earthquake before I had no idea what it was. My husband at first thought it was the gas companies doing mapping in our area. They have large trucks that pound the ground to find the natural gas pockets beneath the earth. Que the news! Earthquake hits Virgina and is felt all the way into Toronto.

After absorbing the information, I found it rather exciting. I do like to experience new things. Don't care to do it again, but still, it was kinda cool. I do hope everyone in Virginia is well. I'm sure those on the West Coast are laughing at our reaction, but since we don't have building codes for earthquakes, because we don't get them, I believe we have the right to be anxious. I know in my area buildings are old and wouldn't stand a more powerful quake.

Anyway, It was interesting.

A side note, I have exciting news but don't know when I'll be able to share it, so stay tuned.

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