Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sneak Peek of "Let's Ride"

“You’ll pull the trigger too soon. I’ve been loaded and ready for months, just twitching to take aim at you.”

“Then get us somewhere fast before I decide to take you behind the wheel.”

Hot lust punched him in the gut. He reached down, put his hand over hers and pressed it harder against his erection. “You sure you’re ready?” They didn’t have far to go before they reached the road. He wanted to give her a chance to back out.

“Weston, if you don’t pull this truck over soon, I’m going to get naked and sit myself right down in your lap. You won’t have a choice but to pull over and every hillbilly on this road is going to know what’s happening in here.”

Part of him didn’t mind that thought. Her straddling him, riding him, those breasts that had been taunting him for the past few months right there in his face. Fuck yeah, he could do that. The other part didn’t want anyone seeing her naked, not even a peek.
“Open the glove box, honey. Get me out a condom.” He released her hand. She opened the glove box and chuckled.

As she pulled out the large box he nearly blushed. Okay, so he wanted to be prepared when the time came. The road came into sight. He slowed, turned off and eased up behind some trees. The truck had barely stopped before Vicki opened the door and bailed out. She ran to the back, climbed up in the bed and knocked on the window.

“What are you waiting for, country boy?”

Let's Ride, available now at Ellora's Cave

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Lance Smith said...

If this excerpt is any indication...looks like another one to add to my collection! Well done.