Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Marauder Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews

Reviews are hard to come by these days, for me anyway. With thousands and thousands of writers looking for reviews, the reviews sites are over loaded. So when I get one I take the reviewers words to heart.

Yesterday I received a review for Marauder, my latest release, from Night Owl Reviews. One of the more respected review sites. They gave me a glowing review 4.75 stars and a TOP PICK! Needles to say I'm thrilled beyond belief.

"Wow. This was an awesome read that I couldn’t put down."
For the entire review you can go to Night Owl Reviews

I also like to hear from my readers so if you've read any of my humble stories and would like to give some feedback, please by all means send me an email or leave a comment here.

In other news my last post about the fellow author who was attacked for the type of stories she's written has received loads of support from all over the world. The woman who launched the attack is now back peddling as fast as she can, in public anyway. Word is she's still spouting we all follow Satan for supporting the author on her private facebook page. What are ya gonna do? Some people are simply idiots.

Speaking of facebook you can find me on there http://www.facebook.com/#!/robin.l.miller1
The more friends the better I always say!

Okay my lovely readers....Time to move on and do some writing.

Till next time.........Happy Reading

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