Saturday, March 22, 2008

Where is Spring?

Well, spring arrived, but someone forgot to tell mother nature. Blustery and cold are the norms for now. I can't wait for the day I can walk outside without a coat and feel the warm air brush against my cheeks. Cabin Fever is a downer, especially when you have 3 kids that think just because the calender says spring they should be able to go out and romp in short sleeves.

Racing season has started in our area and I've discovered this a true testament to my age. See, when I drove I never seemed to mind the frigid weather. All that mattered was getting in the car and doing my thing. Completely lost in the moment your body becomes numb to the cold air. The only thing you think about is passing the car in front of you and finishing the race with your equipment in one piece. Now a days, I don't want to think about going to the track until it's in the sixties when the sun goes down. Age is so unkind.
Speaking of age, my oldest son will become a teen in just a little over a weak. Me, with a teenager, who'd a thunk! My second son will be 10 just 19 days later. My 6 year old daughter can still kick their butts when she needs to. That's my girl. She got her mom's attitude.

My newest release Running Blind is doing well. I've gotten some super feedback about it, and some great reviews. You can check out the reviews on my web site

I thought maybe I'd post an excerpt for ya'll to read. If ya like it and think you'd like to read the entire book. click here
I also have a contest running on my web site until April. Everyone's welcome to enter.

Have a good one and Happy reading!!!

Excerpt for Running Blind

Kill him, Jess, for me. His face distorted and when it cleared, an axe was embedded in the middle of his forehead.
Jess’ stomach muscles clenched hard. Her head spun as if she were on a roller coaster looping around. “Make it stop,” she sobbed.
Her foot pressed hard against the accelerator, propelling the car down the dirt road. Gravel and dust kicked up behind the iron machine, rocks pelted the trunk as it fell back to earth.
“Why is this happening?” Fear and anger consumed her body. Her muscles tensed into tight knots. Bile rose into her throat, gagging her.
Her foot slipped off the accelerator, slowing the car. All three faces of her friends swam in the windshield. Their voices rambled and mixed inside her head, demanding justice for their brutal murders. Their pleas stabbed at her heart like the knife the killer used to inflict torture.
The sound of a car horn blaring jerked Jess’ attention back to the road. She looked ahead into bright headlights that were bearing down on her. She snatched the wheel hard to the right. Her car hopped the bank and took a nosedive down a steep hill. Tree branches scraped and groaned against the car. Thinking she was standing on the brake, she pressed her foot to the floor. To her horror, the car sped through thick brush, plowing over shrubs that grew in the way.
Her body bounced in the seat, kept from flying around the inside of the car by her seatbelt. The wheel yanked hard out of her hands, wrenching pain shot through her fingers and wrists. Hard loud thumps echoed inside the car over the racing motor.
Instinct demanded she scream, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out but a soft gasp. She saw the thick, gray tree trunk before the front of her car smashed into it. Jess’ head snapped forward and smacked into the steering wheel on impact.
The revving engine gave one last cough before shutting down in a cloud of steam. The soft hissing sound from the radiator filled the air. Jess’ head rested against the wheel. Warm, sticky blood trickled down her face and neck. For an instant, she hoped this would be the end of her nightmare. No more running, no more fear. Nothing but peace.
Like the end of an old black and white cartoon, her vision narrowed and funneled until there was nothing left but a pinhead speck of light. Just before all went black, a bright flash of light filled her sight.
This is it, she thought, it’s all over. She spiraled into a welcome darkness.

Excerpt 2 for Running Blind
Jess tripped and fell to the ground. Not one to give up easily, she scrambled forward on her hands and knees in the dirt. She was so wiry and fast Reed had a hard time grabbing hold of her. One foot caught him in the chest, knocking him backward. Jess took advantage and sprang to her feet, taking off on a dead run again.
He bared his teeth like a wild animal and took off after her again. This time when he caught up with her, he pushed her forward, knocking her to the ground and then fell on top of her. He could hear the air rush out of her lungs.
“Damn it, Jess, look what you made me do.”
He crawled off her back and turned her over into his arms. Her face was pale, her eyes were wide and watery and she gasped for breath.
“Calm down and breathe, babe. Slow and steady.”
She finally relaxed and regained her composure enough to start fighting again. He stood, lifted her to her feet and tossed her over his shoulder. The entire walk back to the house she beat on his back and cursed him.
Relief and pride swelled inside his chest. She was one tough cookie. Pride vanished when she bit him on the side. Now he was just pissed. He reached up and swatted her hard on the ass.
Ooww! That hurt.”
“So did that bite.”
“Put me down or I’ll do it again,” she warned.
“So will I. Only harder.”
He figured he’d made his point. She didn’t try biting him again but she did continue to beat on his back. By the time he made it back to the house, he was sore, tired and in a foul mood.

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